Hurricane Trading Strategy | Crude Oil, Emini, Nasdaq, Gold, Euro

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There’s a hurricane on the horizon, and it’s not just South Florida – because we have the end of week, end of month, and end of summer session on Friday morning that tells me to be ready for anything and everything – but most importantly, are YOU ready for tomorrow morning?
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Crude Oil is bullish into a range this evening, and with hurricane Dorian looking more likely by the minute, we know that buyers will be looking for ways to get into this market at the lowest possible price…

Knowing this, I’m using the trading-range to identify the battle-zone as key support, and if we can get the pullback, I’m looking to buy into a seller-failure for a short-covering rally back to re-test the highs.

E-Mini S&P is bullish into a narrow trading-range, which tells me that buyers will be staying patient for a DEEP pullback off the highs to ensure a decent risk-reward-ratio…

Knowing this, if we get that deep pullback, I’m going to look for a “nested” failure set-up to buy into the stops of the counter-trend sellers.

Nasdaq is bullish with two trading-ranges on the chart; both narrow and wide, which is a big clue, telling me to look for a deep pullback to the low of the wider channel…

But if we DON’T get that pullback, remember not to chase the market higher because we have a lot of resistance levels waiting overhead and I need to see PROOF in a 123-Breakout before I can buy it running higher.

Gold is bearish with a strong run lower today, but the way the market finished today’s session makes me think these sellers are finished for now…

And knowing that this is the first decent pullback we’ve seen all week, I’m skeptical of the bear trend, and looking for a crown reversal set-up to send it back higher again on Friday.

Euro is bearish and continues to “grind” lower towards the next round number, and since nothing has changed, our plan stays the same – looking for sell set-ups using buyer-failures up above the moving-average on Friday morning.——————–
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Myna khan says:

Hello bro How are you & god day bat I m Big Big Loss , Pls Help me

William Batts says:

If I could go back in time.

1. I would create a sense of urgency to develop my “Why” list. Using a savings plan of at least 10% monthly to build capital and purchase tools.
2. Determine how much money I actually need to fulfill my dreams, and create a legacy for family.
3. Research and acquire Mentors and wise counsel such as yourself to expedite learning and cultivate healthy relationships.
4. Use a demo account with realistic funds, until trade plan and strategies have been back tested and tracked. (This will provide proof of experience, allowing for investor contributions).
5. Learn from failures in a detailed explanation journal.
6. Believe that it is possible to change my life in every moment in everyday, despite outer circumstances! Positive mindset is instrumental, Reinforced with consistent action no matter how small the steps!

But, reality and the present says nothing will happen without a Burning Desire. Here lies the dilemma. The ego is the devil, it has most of us in a Auto pilot paradigm loop, sabotaging all efforts to create the ideal self. Hence, still not fulfilled, and working a 9 to 5 making someone else rich. So, implementation is # 7! Without that we’ll always be looking to Jesus to carry us into a imaginary world, where there are no worries. The Father is only looking for returns on investment. If you don’t, your energy will be redistributed to those that seek perfection! Matthew 25:14-30

Ernesto Figueroa says:

Se aprende mucho contigo 🙂

Juan Vega says:

JJ Thanks for your work and videos, learning a lot and working for advance course, God bless you

J M says:

Actually… Thank you!

zacharia fungo says:

Really jumping into trades very earlyy without confirmation and poor risk managent !!!!this are the things i would not like to repeat again

Mislav Muheljić says:

Where to see personal income results immediately after its relased? Btw found out about you few days ago, really appreciate the effort u put in i like hoe u explain stuff,all the best!

Akhtar Ali says:

you are damm right about euro

Joseph James says:

Dont forget – tomorrow's session is "early in and early out" because with the holiday weekend just around the corner, price-action will be less reliable the later we get after 10:30am EST tomorrow morning!

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