HYPER-ALERT: Both Stocks AND Bonds Selling Off AT THE SAME TIME! What It Means.

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ladypitbullove says:

I'm SOOO totally SICK of the Fed and the Deep State puppeteers. We need to lance this festering criminal boil in a big way!!!

jj shoot says:

Not to discredit you …but what happened to your Rant on Dollar *getting crushed* a few weeks ago and was going to continue DOWN ,DOWN ,DOWN… it has turn around impressively and messed up your scenario. but you don't talk about that anymore ….

Tom Trefz says:

Plunge protection team will save the day. Dow 25k on to 30k 2018

Jan Beaumont says:

Hi Gregory, Check out the Wilder RSI – momentum peaked in october for S&P500,

Mark Shirley says:

That 1988 Forbes Economist Magazine tells us THEY have this whole debt-whale THEY created and shackled the whole world to, completely under control. No Mad-Max crash folks, but a carefully controlled roll-INTO THEIR cashless all-digital blockchain fully captured to space via 5G. They told us 2018. Get ready for the New World Currency. The sheeple will not go willingly, but must be hounded by the barking dogs of inflation and deflation at the same time. Turning the flock first down this track, then down that track, and then up into the slaughter-house. And here you are thinking Hitler and Stalin and Pol-Pot and Mao have changed. Get ready to meet your Maker sheeple. Baaaa! Would you like a chip in your hand with that!? (not being unkind here. Trying to wake the flock up!)

Jerry Rego says:

Thanks Greg. Informative post. Mom says you need to drop the blue shirt.. she said white is your colour. so…

Gordon Stewart says:

Central Banks have been buying U.S. equities ie ; Switzerland ,which explains the irrational buying .   It could also explain the down markets today  being saved in the last hour .  Retail has mostly fled these markets , so it looks like its time to have the big players start cutting each others throats.

Kevin W says:

Times, they maybe a changing!

OVER HERE! says:

Greg, “Happy Veteran’s
Day”,Thank you
For your service,
I was lucky to
Have been A
USAF Veteran.

Delman says:

I'll Be honest then, it was looking like OH NO, what have I done by the end of yesterday close, buying the rwm, am I mad, althhough the bulls had 3 hour and below timeframe control. However, given bears still had the one day and 4 hour, I'm glad i held my position in the short russell 2000 etf. I made a bit, anyway. Now I'm not gonna be big headed, and say told you, warned you, it is what it is, and might be just a one day blip. But, it's close now to breaking on the stochastic. In fact earlier think it did go below 80, I Still thought it had by close just about, but had wrong settings on, quicker 5,3,3, instead 14,3,3. So Anyway, is this it, the big pull back or correction, tomorrow will really be key.

Roslyn Decanio says:

Thank you, very enlightening, clear and concise presentation. Great guidance!

Aron Ianchici says:


96BxelA says:

Greg, Thanks for everything you do on here. You are very much appreciated here in the UK

mbadshah0077 says:

Gold spiked and went to $1370 before pull back

Jim James says:

lower today due to possible failure in passing a new tax plan

Jim James says:

OMG the market went down….never seen that before

Walker Montana says:

Where's Greg Hunter?

Silvercloud says:

Greg, I wonder if we will see the market gyrate volatile like this for the whole month of November and then begin the next (maybe final) rally into December and the year end …and then in (late?) January 2018 we see the beginning of a bigger correction. I'm looking at a peak around 2700 (S+P) and then stair steps heading down to 2450 (2300-2400) and then in (end of Q2) July 2018 a big rally starts the game all over again back to test 2600/ 2700. Almost an exact repeat of 2017. But watch this month of November to see if this volatile gyration starts to craft a shoulder zone that later on, in a year, would become a danger cliff where the market could roll over. around 2600,when the time comes. Maybe not until 2019,or late 2018.

Dennis Bohl says:

Greg this is a must listen video about crypto currancy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSn7Iomisyc

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