I Bought a Bitcoin on Craigslist for $17,300

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I found a guy on Craigslist selling bitcoin for cash so I wanted to buy one for $17,300. The price has been going crazy for the last month up and down. I want to give something to you guys though so I am doing a giveaway!

WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY: http://www.techsmartt.com/bitcoin

Sign up for a Bitcoin wallet: https://www.coinbase.com/join/588079197c0e1001ca1f6aca

See the actual purchase: https://blockchain.info/tx/e194a050d05fb917cd04b00dad804fef88acc86f540e555e52194eaf0229ec80

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We searched Craigslist in LA and called about five people before I found one who was actually willing to meet and sell us a whole bitcoin. We actually had to end up paying the 5% on the bitcoin, the plug called us back like 30 seconds after we said on video we didn’t need to pay 🙁 so that brings the total price of the bitcoin we paid $17,300.

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Peachyopie says:

The ad at the start of this video was Tai Lopez talking about bitcoin 😂

Night Gaming says:

Nice Video! I am accepting donation for my Bitcoin wallet due to me getting scammed for $500. Thanks a lot and great video! Address: 1N4GJG17vb5xWRfKd4mHMkjG6cvERpoVGs

Dustin Klitz says:

You’re not buying “bitcoins” you’re buying satoshi lol

Jesus Christ says:

oh ya?well guess what, bitcoin dropped to 3k LOL

Blackcloak says:

Ik you guys keep saying how much he lost but pretty sure he gives doesn't care. He makes that in 2-3 days with just yt. And that's a slow 2-3 days.

PaladinKnight20 says:

Lol not worth 17k anymore

Roman Kozlovskiy says:

This guy is an idiot you’ll make more money putting in $100 into 50 different currencies you’ll prob make over $1,000,000

N says:

And right before the value dropped…

gnsgml11 says:

Only if you subtitled hold as hodl

SuperSmartGeek24 says:

What tf is a bitcoin


you received your btc instantly, wich mean that the atm is set to high fee for the miner, wich at the time of this video was about 10$ so the price was right

Tyler Kibble says:



keep your bitcoins the price will rise higher guarantee

Stacy Chapman says:

lmfaoo bitcoin is so dumb

Aleq ! says:

'All i want for christmas is 400 sub ;)'

donnybristol says:

I'm just wondering how this young guy has so much money to throw around like that LOL damn I did something wrong in life

YeahWeRepTheSameSmartech says:

So wait how much did the Miners take in percentage? (Ex. 5, 6 or 7%

Ryukiller RK says:

1K9nL6tzWBbQxqJsubyrkysUjhrk4jRya6 <- post it here

YeahWeRepTheSameSmartech says:

Haha your an idiot its at 15,500 and going down

apalo70 says:

.0028 would have been your 50$ on coinbase dumbass i bought in 50 at 17145

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