I bought a lot of Bitcoin and Ethereum TODAY – Here’s WHY!

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VietNam SmartCash says:

Buy when people fear and sell, down trend will reverce soon. SmartCash are good coin to hold right now

Steven Lee says:

Buy buy! so cheap now. Almost like free. All people borrow some money to buy. Ask your friend and mom or dad to give u money. Next month will go to $200,000. By March it will go up to half million

Be happy says:

Have patience young one.. The knife is still falling.. we will see a 2000.00 test soon.. Then i will buy 10 coins..

Fatima Cabahug says:

They did this to Silver and it never came back. Unlimited money VS broke people of the world. Hope I am wrong. Very wrong.

S G says:

Do you think Ethereum will bounce back to 1k?

armen ararat says:

Lol If it dropped from 19k to 6k what makes you think It’ll not go from 6k to below 1k, I think this was a good demonstration of to show ppl that they don’t have collective power to do anything on their own, governments are so powerful to knock everybody down to the knees and that’s what people deserves because they’re so stupid and on educated, just bunch of ships that’s all

crypto Life says:

What do you think of http://www.bitcoinpaycash.com

SavageVic says:

Im glad i bought back in August, i feel dumb for holding when i could have made decent money, all well, i hant lost money

Eric M says:

My wired transfer still haven't arrived to exchange. Fuck Fuck Fuck

Azure Corporations says:

Finally gonna get my 200$ gtx 1080

Jay Chizza says:

Not buying any more till $5,000. 85% crashes from all time highs are par for the course for BTC.

aus abdul says:

See u at 2000 level bitcoin price

Ali Khan says:

What is whole bunch ..like $500 worth lol




Cant wait for all you guys who bought at 20k to sell to me at 1k

r Negoro says:

There's decent support at $6000 level, next decent support is $3500 level. If it breaks through then $2000. The graphs don't show much support to levels before $6000.

Joey's Chin Licker says:

Hahahaha u dumb fuck it's even less now hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha shenanigans "inhales" BAHAHAHAHAHABAHAHAHHAHA

Dinesh Kathriarachchi says:

The bubble is going to boom.

Nicholas Cooley says:

Its 100% going to$5k and 80% going to $1k
Dec 18 btc went on the futures market does anyone here realise this? The banks have destroyed this. Stop buying ffs

Somnium says:

I am going to HODL my SmartCash.

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