I BOUGHT TESLA STOCK TODAY?? | Trading Update 3/5/19 | Trading Stocks For Beginners

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Stas Serfes says:

Are you a Tesla share holder?

FinBrain Technologies says:

You don't need to spend hours studying chart patters and technical indicators. FinBrain does that for you, by analyzing massive amount of data using Deep Learning algorithms. You can visit our website for more.

Kaeto TV says:

Great video man!

Douglas Gonsalves says:

I bought more Tsla today,that's why I'm trying to justify my decision by watchinh tsla videos.

Jose Garcia says:

tesla will be going on a big bearish trend for the future im afraid…………………

TNA10042001 says:

have a gn & keep up the great work

TNA10042001 says:

i'm looking at the weeklys on TSLA, I think we could really see a flush to 225 but 240 is more conservative

MaxPowers says:

I was so surprised that the stock is low when the car is cheaper. Eli musk told that the cheaper car was coming…

Drake Miller says:

Buy Elon 😂

user_name_hidden says:

I finally gave in and bought Tesla stocks and used part of my emergency fund lol

TNA10042001 says:

i think TSLA is going to test 240's before going higher

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