I Filed A Complaint With The Securities And Exchange Commission On Gold Market Fixing.

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LINK to my complaint statement. PLEASE copy/paste it and file your own complaint. There is strength in numbers. Click here: https://steemit.com/money/@marketreport/i-just-filed-a-complaint-with-the-sec-regarding-gold-fixing-gregory-mannarino

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GoneBamboo says:

Please help. Nothing happens when I hit 'submit form'. Shouldn't there become confirmation the for was sent?

Slavik Orzhakhovsky says:

Greg done. Take heart. Thank you!

StarLight says:

Just ripped into them also Greg. Not sure that it will do any good, but i did my part! Thanks for your continured guidance!

Mark Holtz says:

The securities and Exchange Commission web site is a joke. Like most feral guttermint agency's.

enkigilgamesh says:

Way to go ! More should complain to the securities and exchange commission. Maybe some thing will be done. I will check it out and do the same.

Art Lover says:

Way to go Greg…………!!

johanna singer says:

Do I file it under Investor complaint form ?

chris christou says:

Well done Gregory, thank you for your boldness

Oblivion Tactical says:

You are the man Greg! Thank you for all you do!

Paula Comstock says:

I was just watching a video with Celeste…it got interrupted with this video…i have never seen this happen!~

Rhino Horns says:

Greg.. just saw this article on Zero Hedge:
"Complaint Alleges SEC Watchdog Retaliated Against Whistleblowers".
Interesting story, and sad.

Ken Waldrop says:

Sent in complaint. Thanks for your efforts.

Muppet Slaughter says:

actions speak louder than words hats off to you.

Glenn Jackson says:

Sent my complaint in to the SEC…thank you for doing what you do for the people 👍

Christian Jordan says:

Peace Be Unto You, Mr. Mannarino,
 Precious thoughts and blessings of the Father as well as grace of his only begotten Son our Saviour, Jesus Christ be with you for the godly work, the complaint to SCC, you have done. You finally did the right thing by not fuelling this satanic commercial system through taking part in it for profit. Follow it up by a strong worded NOTICE and the Lord God will bless you for it ten times more. Fellowship and protective power of the Holy Spirit be with you and your loved ones.
Eph. 5:11 Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
James. 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.

Timothy Doyle says:

Greg, Hats off to you!!! Wonder why Trump has not looked into the Swamp here???

littlesnt says:

Complaint filed. Do it people. We have nothing to lose. Thanks Gregory!

David Demanbey says:

Must say I',m a little drained trying to invest in markets that are clearly rigged. This weekend Bitcoin cash lost 50% of its value in seconds after going through a rocket ride to the top – more obvious manipulation. Not sure if most of the people in the SEC aren't in on the gold manipulation like the rating agencies during the sub prime fiasco. Will consider writing them a complaint – suppose the government already has me flagged as a trouble maker.

chandone90 says:

Hey Greg,

Question –

I'm reading your complaint text and trying to file a complaint as you suggest (Great idea btw). I'm unclear on the nature of the manipulation and would appreciate if you could explain.

If the banks fix a price, then trade amongst themselves at that price, but the market as a whole trades at the spot price (which is set by the "market), how does their price fix affect our market price? If anything, the manipulation seems to be more from the fact that banks can 1) place unallocated shorts, and 2) receive favored "cheap" rates for placing these short contracts on the market. Ly. Zhang has shown the bank cost to be just a dollar or two per contract. That's way cheaper than when we little people place orders

j000ker007 says:

Rising prices in gold, WTI won't help. When the pro's shake the tree, we're all going to fall off.

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