I LOST $75,000 Stock Market Trading in 2015

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The story on how I lost $75,000 stock market trading in 2015!
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Financial Education says:

Sunday I have a video coming that is like opposite of this video lol "10 best financial decisions I have ever made in my life"

David Knight says:

https://discord.gg/dsbTqj Robinhood Discord to discuss strategies, good/bad stocks, and different bullshit (:

Wick jitt says:

Damn that suck you bought Wynn stock a very good price; if you would hold till now you would made a good return.

Paul Alger says:

Risk Management my friend 🙂

xXsauseXx says:

thank u for this video

howo357 says:

holy shit that's exactly my story. Made a shit ton of money in 2014 shorting crude oil future fully margin. Got really cocky and started playing earnings at the end of 2014. Started buying twitter on the way down. First quarter of 2015 earning i officially lost 10K and only 25K left in my account. Margin call liquidized everything. I stopped trading for a year. Back in the game a year ago. haven't quite made my money back but i'm not gambling anymore and can sleep at night.

Mohideen Ashraf says:

STOP LOSS mothafucka

Jeremy Graham says:

and 2000$ in trades? thats comission fee so thats not conittered a loss. idL this vid

Jeremy Graham says:

terrible. theres so many different stratagys to trading. you lost money because the way you did it

purewonka says:

Averaging down with a losing position is a total rookie move. If a stock trade goes against your investing thesis, you get out; you don't dump more money into the losing position. When the market tells you that you are wrong, doubling down is the exact wrong thing to do.

Shadowink 79 says:

year 2015 i lost over 200k gambling in the Foxwood and Mohegan Sun Casino, on top of that i have to liquidate my inventory on my store just to pay my bill and rents ,etc.
75k is not that much , there's ppl on the gambling table lost 75k in less than 30 sec ( there's a guy i saw on the blackjack table , took out a marker of 500k , and lost it all under 30 mins ), there's lot of rich millionaire make or lost 6 figure on daily basis , if you think those figure are insane , probably because you're so poor and live on paycheck to paychecks…..
Also on the record , if i kept my 70 bitcoin back in 2015 ,it's worth over 200k today , life is a joke ?

seeksjustice ingrantspass says:

Federal Reserve manipulation has cost me much more but not in just one year.

alexander capeta says:

Lesson is never go into Margin trading. Thank you

Kay Realist says:

You are tested when you trade stocks. Humans are flawed. Trading is not investing. I've been trading since i was 19 and at age 35 I am now well over millions in profit. Trading will not get you there.

Samiullah k says:

I lost 70k. U are not the only one

Hugo G says:

IDXG is going to blow up. Buy now before it goes way up. Look at the chart

coolfoxman101 says:

i want to stat doing stock market trading but i dont know where to go or how to start i am a beginner and i always wanted to try this put but i dont know where to start also how much do i have to have to start? and could it be a full time thing?

Justin Cross says:

I did similar but not on margin. My account was only 30k or so and I had a system that was working for me and then I started playing earnings reports instead. I was up $7k at first on earnings but they I got addicted to earnings reports and multiple times in a row the companies would beat estimates but the guidance was worse than expected so I ended up losing all my gains and ended up losing $7k (-14k from my highs). At that point I quit and moved my 23k or so remaining back to my bank account and said I won't trade again until I'm out of debt. My main goal for trading at that time was to pay off my stuent loans faster but that didn't work. That was two years ago, now I'm finally about to be out of debt (80k student loans) so I'm getting ready to get back in. I'm going to avoid playing ER's.

Edward Brito says:

Guys it's all psychology arrogance and greed can't save any intellect or bank account…

You have to be mentally right to be in this spiritually helps tremendously.

He is right about 2015 falling can teach you more and you appreciate it and ready for the real fall.

14:10 Was that a shot at Brady? Lol… 2015 is the Eli Manning allowed him to be great in the last 2 SBs lol.

Billups says:

You know what?… The reason people like you and trust your advise is because you've been through it. Pardon me saying it but you've done the dumb shit. You've learned from your mistakes, come out of it and are doing great. That to me is why people connect easily with you. Good shit man

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