I MADE $1,500 TRADING OPTIONS LIVE (LIVE TRADING EXAMPLES) #Trading #OptionsTrading #StockTrader

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Hiii Peopleeeee 🙂

Here are two of the trades I took on September 1st. I did take a few but these were the only ones I recorded. Let me know your thoughts, do y’all want to see more of these in the future?

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**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment


Donnell Smith says:

Great job in explaining I really enjoy your videos and knowledge of trading

Angel Angel says:

What is your account balance Masi? How much do you invest? Are you a full time trader right now?

Jonathan Nguyen says:

Hope you find a new broker soon. I have a TastyWorks account but they are missing price ladders for options but execution is very quick.

Montpbm Crawford says:

I have been trading for some years but what you're doing is still very helpful to me. Thanks!

A Ahmad says:

what books did you read to learn these skills?
I find it quite fascinating how good you are

Myisha Wheeler says:

How do you get your 2 monitors to work that way? Anyone or Masi knows?

sunlighthot says:

show us some of your loses and walk us through how you lost please

Khayam Gondal says:

Why you place orders from your phone? Isn't it easy from the desktop app?

Terry says:

Hey Hey > Excellent Trading. So patient and you know what your looking for in your trade. Great Stuff. Thanks so much. 🙂

Daytri Jenkins says:

I see you have a new monitor setup

Kent Homes says:

comments are filled wit spammers/// Great and informative video Masi and thank you for answering my question on IG a few weeks back!

SniperKills100 says:

When you buy options Do you try to buy with the ask price bid price or mid price?

starwarsjunkie7777 says:

Great breakdown! Keep up the videos! I’d love to see a detailed breakdown of your historical P/L as it relates to your growth as a trader. =)

The_Disciplined_Trader says:

Great Live Trading Video!!!

Thinky says:

Great video, loved it!!!

Cory Walker says:

I trade forex it was a bs week lol but do wanna get into stocks more for holding tho not as much day trading

Abdul Gagan says:

Thank you so much for your Transparency Mr Ryan Moran, I got my profit of $35,500 this is my own part of showing gratitude.

Sho Nuff says:

You know you can trade options on the Active Trader ladder. Best way to trade naked options.
Right click on the contract you want<-To the side of the buy and sell. Select Copy info. Open Active Trader use Control V to paste into ticker box.
Then you can see all the buyers and sellers for that contract.
Also you can set up Active trader with PnL ladder by clicking on the tiny gear icon.

Sarah Amita says:

I now believe in trading after withdrawing $5,300 through the help of Mr Ryan Moran , I really appreciate all his efforts.

Akhila Mohan says:

I invested with Mr Ryan Moran and I received $20,10 with $200

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