I Missed the Perfect Stock Pattern — Learn From My Mistake!

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I missed out on a 60% bounce, but I’m not afraid to show you my mistakes and losses. Think you can do better than me? Step up. Speed up your learning curve by learning from my trade commentary.

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Guess what? I just missed out on a 60% bounce. Insert curse word here!

This is my frustrated, guilty video lesson all about it. My hope? By watching this, I can help you do better.

So it’s out there: I didn’t totally fall on my face. I did make a profit … but I missed the big bounce.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to be totally transparent. That’s why every trade I make is public. I want to share the good and the bad.

I also want you to know that this happens to everyone. Dip buys aren’t an exact science. And in the case of ALPP, I made the classic mistake of trying to force the trade too fast.

The pattern actually played out like I thought, but I fell for the fakeouts. I tried to force it, and I psyched myself out.

There was a more than 60% bounce from the lows … but I made paltry profits. It happens to all traders at some point. No one wins all the time. The real value is in learning from your experience.

In this video, I’ll go through a full critique of my behavior in this trade. I’ll show you how and where I went wrong. (Hint: I didn’t read between the lines and I got impatient.)

No, this isn’t about perfection. It’s about trying to capture as much of the move as possible. You don’t have to hold on to extremes, but you need to have enough patience to wait for the right opportunities.

It’s a balance. And not always an easy one.

Remember: trading is a mental game. Stocks don’t always bounce when you want them to. But then again, holding and hoping is NOT a strategy. That can really work against you, and you can blow up your account fast.

Yes, let yourself be human. Make mistakes. But go back and review every trade. Evaluate what you did right and what you got wrong.

Constantly refining your methods can help you become more consistent in your trades.
I’m proud of my many students who dip bought better than me and who shorted … and I’m encouraged and inspired to do better.

Even after 20 years of trading, I still gotta work for it. That’s just the way it goes. Watch and learn from my trading experience with ALPP.

Did I make my point with this video? Leave a comment saying, “I promise to be patient!”

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Timothy Sykes says:

Did I make my point with this video? Leave a comment saying, “I promise to be patient!”

El Roman says:

I I promise to be patient

Christopher Longstreet says:

I promise to be patient..

Marianne R says:

I promise to be more patient! Great lesson!

Michael Williams says:

New challenge student here! I promise to be patient. Good lesson!

Diesel Day Trading says:

tim on alpp your betting against the trend first red day when your buying the bounce second day gap down then the bounce came that's my favorite strategy to short the stock where your buying first red day gap down

Jeanpaul Towers says:

I promise to have more patients

Jeanpaul Towers says:

"I promise to be patient"

raul monegro says:

i promise to be patient senpai


another video lesson down

Brahimidea says:

The classic video type i like, where you go over the chart, what should or shouldnt be done
. Thanks

Arturo Rubio says:

This is how many times tim said this is possible in all his vidoes that ever came out👇

alex mwenda says:

i promise to have more patience

Lordslothable says:

Dr. Kevorkian kamikaze trader!!!! Never risk more than 1% of your buying power never spend more than $10 per trade…. So many jelly donuts just don’t want to see traders get rich like they did. Jelly donuts wanna be the only guys who are driving that nice car around or have a swimming pool in their home

Real Dream Cars says:

Thanks for the lesson. I will be patient.

Noe Cazares says:

So how do you know ahead of time to be looking at the stock before it goes up?

David Smith says:

I promise to be patient, Thank you Tim!

Masterplur47 The Prophet says:

Shiiiiit! I seeee it!!

Leonardo Caycho says:

So basically you scan for a stock that drops 10%ish and buy in for the bounce? Do you also scan for stocks hitting HOD waiting for the morning spike and inevitable bounce?

Andra Vrincianu says:

I promise to be patient!!

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