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This is not one of my prouder moments as I was rushing from charity to charity event here in Mexico the other day and I lost my backpack with my laptop, 3 phones, my passport and so much other stuff, the past few days have SUCKED as I’ve tried to find it


chinwe nnoli says:

Sorry to hear that, I know it sucks but keep it together. Sending you hugs and love, I pray you get those back.

Be happy says:

Looks like someone might be targeting Tim.. Becareful out there.

Steven Davis says:

Stay calm. Don't be a fool, keep your cool.

rob mac says:

stay calm and carry on, patience and a test of character, appreciate everything you do Tim !

Michael Davis says:

Tim, keep trying the Find My Phone, the devices probably have to be ON in order to locate… Best of luck!

Domoneick King says:

Damn Tim this sucks bro im sorry i hope you find it bro. But your doing good. Stay chill everything will fall into place. Stay strong.

chris guerrero says:

stay calm!!! stay safe!!! your with the wolves out there!!!

Jett Cadet says:

Fuck sucks dude so sorry hope you find it

Nana says:

I did pray for you to get your backpack back, wish you do better next time bro 🙂

Jordan Sweeney says:

Believe it or not, I actually got my luggage stolen Dec 21. LOL sucks, especially when you know who stole it but have no proof.

Ross mudge says:


jay hawkins says:


TheGoldeagle99 says:

Hope you get your stuff back. I got a feeling you will

Neilas Urbo says:

I guess looking positively you've also lost weight

Nguyên says:

did you turn on your icloud backup. You can still control your iPhone with icloud id and locate it, also all the images are auto backup to icloud drive.

Rog Way says:

God this guy sucks and is so boring I don't know how I ever was influenced by him. People I spent 2 awful isolating years learning to trade on this scoundrels advice which is such a waste of my life looking back. I am so lucky because I was able to realize the path of self destruction it would lead me to if I continued and finished off college. Now I'm teaching students in an area that is so interesting and I feel I'm doing something meaningful which is so necessary to happiness. Be careful by his marketing as the money is so attractive at points but for more than 95% of his students its a road to ruin, for instance do you think I was ever acknowledged after my 2 years of fruitless labour. Anyway trading is nearly always a step in the wrong direction for happiness. Look at Sykes himself its quite funny to see but hes far from happy. He can't even smile and his face is strained when he tries, I'm sure his scam weighs on his psyche somewhere he can't properly even identify and the lust for money has really caught him in a vicious circle so that's always enjoyable to see.

Douglas Pereira says:

use google photos it automatically backsup your images and videos

Jordan Kruse says:

Stay calm… no matter what happens!

jeanine davis says:

Hope you find your stuff in great condition

Anthony LaRosa says:

you know this man gets mad pussy

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