I Sold All My Bitcoin

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I finally did it. I sold all of my bitcoin. I took massive gains and am a happy camper. Know that gains are not realized until you sell. Hence that is what I did. There could be more profits to be made but the rapid ramp up of the price has me worried. I feel the risks are very elevated. I certainly will not buy more at this price of near $15,000 and so that meant I was selling slowly. With various market sentiments I can gather from various sources, I finally sold the remainder of my holdings due to my increased conviction that there will be a gradual reduction in price or a correction coming. Of course, it’s all speculation and I might be wrong. I know I’m happy with the gains so far.

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Isak Vernik says:


FeelinGood says:

Anyone that wanted to dump huge amounts of btc wouldn't do it when futures trading first opened. They would want the public to be optimistic about it. Then one day they will sell, and sell big. So makes me think, after December 18. Possibily the end of this year. It could drop massively. Be very wary of buying into the hype.

Michael Park says:

How do you have a tangible bitcoin? I thought it was digital…

Michael Marx says:

You made a good choice, but I think you should have kept some.

Kent Huang says:

I see what you did there…sell all take the profit and buy back in on a dip/drop. Great planning!

Joshua Mcgee says:

https://www.binance.com/?ref=11677226 IOTA!!!

2ossy says:


theoneandonlyworldruler says:

now he think why i dont just hodl 20%…….

Mitchtuber Mitchtuber says:

ye thats what i mean all talk about gains…while they dont want fiat…if u dont want fiat..what u gained bitcoins aint doubling out of nothing…u gotta spend… they all hodl…..keep the coins…cant buy nothing with them…ok with bitcoins u can..but all 2k alt coins u cant do shit with it…..but spend money on it…hoping someone else will spend money on it so u can get more money….if this is the idea….wtf are we doing…all bitcoin does is gain and drop fiat value…..so if your in it for fiat…..since everyone compares the gain in dollars… why invest in bitcoin dropping fiat….im sure only good investment coming out of bitcoin is buying a farm…so you wont need money and are not hungry when planet burned and we hodl some flames in our ass..

Patron Saint says:

What a terrible move lol, why would you sell off all your bitcoin. Let's apply all stock logic on something that is growing into a monster………….

jonathan valderrama says:

good for you but be carefull with fiat money. I dont know but the bubble is not in bitcoin is in fiat money after quantity easing and interest rates so low. i think that is good have profit but you must protect yourselft with bitcoin. the fiat buble is amanzily huge. so be must prepare and have some gold silver bitcoin etc.

Christopher Relihan says:

In two weeks when the dollar flops you will kick yourself in the ass!

Edwin Brouwer says:

You clearly think that ordinary money has more value than bitcoin. Well, enjoy it while you can.

Jinsung Jeon says:

honestly great decision. i dont' think guy like you will regret even if it goes up to 30k or 50k. good job walking away calmly.


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That just means all of you better understand the big picture…and if you haven't made a purchase into the 1776 tokens yet, then now is as good a time as any to make that move before the train leaves the station. CHOO CHOO!!!

Bryan Johnson says:

All these commenters unhappy with your decision & have no subscribers and no content. I fall in that category as well, but definitely interesting to see the trend lol. I think you made a smart, rational move. Not many people can walk away from the table when ☝

J'Bob Barrett says:

Bitcoin chart isn’t a price chart, it’s an adoption curve. Why not leave 10% on the table and just forget about it?

Martijn M says:

I love the many almost angry reactions to your very wise move. Their inflated egos ('look how smart I am, sheeple') can't handle this possibility. Fact is: IF the establishment decides that Bitcoin poises a serious threat to the stability of the world economy, the establishment can and will create something better than Bitcoin (but controlled and stabilized by established institutions). I don't fear the IMF, FED and World Bank. I follow every step they take. Because business wise, this is the right thing to do.

Who are the staunchest supporters of Bitcoin? The far left, alt right, anarchists, introvert techies and a couple of opportunists who jump on the hype train. It's Dotcom 2.0, only with a much bigger financial blow in the long run. Rather than Bitcoin, my money would be on Ripple, which isn't a coin, but does use blockchain technology in a very promising way. And the establishment actually invests in this particular technology. Mark my words: Ripple will beat SWIFT and replace BIC. If that happens, the price of Ripple will skyrocket. And it will be based on a product that tangibly benefits the financial world.

Adrian B says:

The more people say it's a bubble the less likely it actually is. Very little people have the knowledge to recognize bubbles before they pop.

dozu888 says:

this is actually a good move…. most small speculators will probably see all their open profit vanish, just like all the people who got super rich on open profit in 2000 and lost it all.

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