I Tried Trading Options For A Week (Beginner Level Challenge)

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I tried my luck trading options for 3 days to see what kind of return I could get! All though those contracts would have been up $2500 by now, this challenge went super well! Profit is profit 🙂

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Bertha Alina says:

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Saimkn Shhs says:

Bro is it just me or this guy room is the same of biaheza's

Peterson Dameus says:

trading againt the trend lucky to make some profit lol

Alexander Trapp says:

nice video, but plis no sell out , greetings from ger

Mr Crash says:

Can you show us how to make a prodcut page like https://baeandfriend.com/pages/ems-hips-booty-ab-toner

mauro ruiz says:

Can you please do a step by step tutorial on how it works and how to do it? I am interested in getting into this but I want to know how it actually works before I start.


I’ll be transparent, definitely couldn’t resist a sub after seeing you grab for the money 😂

soccerneard89 says:

That $DAL call hurt my heart when you sold
it went up like another 20% the other day

Save Quintano says:

bro plz do a FOREX video

Snozy says:

If you really want to learn I would go to options alpha. I regret learn about option before drop shipping and amazon FBA though

Snozy says:

Options is not complex I learned to do it at 16 years old. Everyone is intimidated by the chain and strategies like strangles, straddles, in n out spreads ect…

Thamer T says:

Ecom – I ♥︎ you

GG Tube says:

Nice video keep it up yGpQ

keenan louw says:

Whatsup friend

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