I Turned $12,415 into $3,000,000: Stock Market Trading

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Timothy Sykes will make you a better trader.
This self-made millionaire trader’s main occupation these days is teaching you to trade like him, get started now!


” When I first came across Tim Sykes I was deeply skeptical of his strategy. But Tim’s strategy works — since June 2008 I have averaged trading profits of over $100,000 per year and I have been successful enough so I now moderate Tim’s chatroom “Michael Goode aka Reaper

” Since I have been a TIM Trading Challenge member I am up from $3,500 to nearly $85,000, and am working full time. The lessons taught in your DVDs and video lessons have enabled me to profit. “Stephen Baldwin

” Tim, you are a pioneer, thank you for all u do for me and everyone else. Close to $75,000 profits now in 7 months! “Bob Garret

” Using Tim’s alerts can be a great way to learn for beginners. I have done quite well trading stocks and setups that he brought to my attention “Lx21, #1 Trader On Profit.ly

” I started a month ago and so far I have about $3000 in profits. Most crucial of all is Tim has helped me look at his strategy from a different angle, this guy is for real!! “Dave S.

” As of today my profits are around $40,000 since being in the Tim Challenge. I am extremely thankful “Asheya Burton

” I am already up $8,000 with my measly $3,000 account and I have learned so much from you by being on the challenge. “R.L.

” TIMAlerts is great! The watch list helps to understand Tim’s strategy and it will show you that IT WORKS. “Ignacio Lucero

” Great bang for your buck, Probably the best strategy/service for growing accounts that i have used in the past. “W.B.

” There truly is no one quite like Tim. Bottom line, if you want to learn about penny stocks from someone with a keen grasp on this sector then he is your man. He is honest and very open “Ed Dez


mark smith says:

hey tim, I have about 20k to invest in to stocks, putting yourself in my shoes what would be the best way to invest it?

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