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19 years ago this morning I was getting ready to leave for my first flight as a pilot for American Airlines when I heard the news that an airplane hit the WTC. Thinking it was a small airplane or someone lost in bad weather, I turned on the TV.

It was a beautiful day in New York City, and that horrific sight was not the result of a small airplane. As I stood there holding my young son
Matthew going through my mental aviation checklist of how this could have happened, I saw the 2nd plane hit and I immediately knew we were under attack.

I threw on my flight suit and my boots and raced out to Naval Air Station Fort Worth where I went from potentially flying in an airliner that day for the first time, to shooting one down as we stood up a Combat Air Patrol over the Southwest United States with the “Spads”, the 457th Fighter Squadron next door that flew F-16s.

Gruff and I manned 2 fully armed F/A-18 Hornets and sat alert 5, ready to defend the United States of America…to kill our enemy. They brought the fight to us…cowards.

2,977 of our fellow Americans killed by radical Islam, with scores more still dying or suffering to this very day as a result of these attacks.

“Some people did something…” We now have people who support this radical religion in our government… “We will never forget”

I will NEVER forget.

Seems like some of our fellow “Americans” are starting to forget…or worse, they’re picking up where these terrorists left off.

Have you forgotten?


L N says:

i worked in real estate. i showed apts in the lower east side. n i told them you have a view of the trade center. the night before i went to an event. don't know why… there was a man with a huge book ginantaic and i had a conversation with him, oh that's a big book… then i went to the trade center took the escalator up to a book store… weird. didn't buy anything. the next day…. well when i went to the closing of selling an apt helicopters flew over me. then people started following me. n i felt i did something wrong. so i tried to commit suicide. i took advil. luckily i lived. instead of people asking me why i took advil, i was told to take drugs…. i lied and never took them, so i got kicked out. i never went back to real estate. i got married, divorce, remarried n redivorce. now many years later i always cry on that day. and now i wonder, who did i speak to with that big book? thanks for sharing. the day after silence, the day on silence. so many came to nyc n helped. one person. Mr. Brian anderson came. all he wanted was to help. he did. he went to ground zero… n helped with the clean up… won't get in to the detail. bless you, and all who helped us on that day. cops firefighters, donald trump, and george bush n rudy and many more. all over the world. we were all united. all the world wanted to help and did. thank you. n thank you and bless you.

Barry B says:

Totally agree…I was IN the Towers that day..I saw both planes hit the towers with my own eyes on the ground looking up. I saw the first plane hit through my window, then after I got out of my building, I saw the second plane hit the South Tower…saw the people jump…heard the sound when they hit the ground…my wife didn't know if I or my son (who worked a block away) were still alive…I'll NEVER forget…g-d bless…g-d bless America…g-d bless our troops…

Jimmy jyk says:

God bless you, and America!

Mark Henson says:

Thanks for the video message, very important. I was trying to leave NY on 9/11, caught the train out of Penn Station and arrived in Long Island and heard it on the rideshare radio and subsequently saw it playing out on the airline tv monitors; was stuck there for another week. Lot's of good old American price gouging for hotels and cars, good thing I had a place to stay.

Big Boy Blue says:

I was in the Army on that day. Airborne All the Way.

PelhBHVN says:

Thanks was there , commuting from NJ to Trade center via PATH arrived in station right after 1st plane and saw second hit from Liberty park. Lost friends and colleagues. Sad day , thanks. for your thoughts. Have a good day with your family.. This is the greatest country, thank you for your service.

stupadasso1964 says:

AMEN! All the Michael Moore's opining about the wonders of Cuba and Communism, I don't see anyone in Key West ripping their roofs off their home to float south to get some of that free healthcare and education.

Rocco Ferraro says:

God Bless America!!

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