I’m Giving Away 6 Laptops & TVs On This New SteadyTrade Podcast

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Check out http://www.steadytrade.com to tune into this new podcast launching later today and learn how to win free laptops, TVs, Apple watches and other prizes for listeners too as my team and I bribe you to get you learning from our new http://www.steadytrade.com podcast!


King Delamuela says:

Thank you Tim i am very excited about this podcast.

philip WINNER says:

i want a laptop plssssss

Justin Moreno says:

After you helping my hometown of Houston… I just respect you even more! I live in Tomball, Texas. Been a silver subscriber for a few years now.. I'm literally 5 seconds from actual "Houston".. Two of our pumps in our neighborhood got cut by some asshole because he thought our neighborhood was releasing our water into his neighborhood. So we got flooded in for a week. They have the guy's license plate and all that so he's getting karma. But I just wanted to thank you, Tim, for just supporting Houston at this time. Florida is now in a state of emergency. Which is nuts. I signed up with steadytrade, can't wait to see what happens! Been enjoying your videos, keep it up and can't wait to see what happens!

Chong Lu says:

I'm looking to get into stocks and was wondering if you could answer a question for me! Do you have to pay taxes even if you don't withdraw money from your account?

Nguyên says:

I can hear the ocean sound and birds singing on the background. This is sick Tim. ❤️???

Francisco D'anconia says:

Thank you Tim!!!! This is going to be awesome!!!

Dylan Delaney says:

What time does it start?

James Broome says:

This is awesome tool



James Orman says:

Will you give away any DVDs?

Carlos says:

Any updates on penny stocking framework part deux and trader checklist part deux?

predat0r says:

Ross only gave away 3 laptops. You are giving away 6. That means you are twice the man as him.

NeverFail Gaming says:

Sounds really cool

Katherine Crawford says:

I'm in. Loved the photo shots of paradise.

Emanuel94 says:

I Really want to be in Millionaire challenge , for now i have 1 year- with silver , and thank you for everything you do Timothy . ??‍♂️ ??

Hermeland McFlorent says:

I got an old pc. So I need a new one. Thanks Tim for this challenge. Can wait to sign up.

Na-me Less says:

Cool I'm looking forward to this podcast.

jeanine davis says:

Hope i win the grand prize that is totally life changing. I will prove to you I am and will be Your Most Dedicated Student/protoge

Sean2Z says:

all i want is the grand price to get in to the challenge…

ishmael ndayi says:

I want a laptop please, thanks for the video and the offering

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