IMPORTANT: Bond Market Sell Off Continues, Expect THIS To Happen Next! By Gregory Mannarino

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henry ayyash says:

It's happening As you speak

Danny Edwards says:

300 to 400 points down today?

Master of None says:

this looks like Doctor dad vampire from Twighlight. Dont believe him

Justa Gypsy says:

That COMMERCIAL is a real hit Greg. I have no idea what they're selling.

Yulema Port says:


Michelle Barkman says:

I had to laugh when you said the market is fake and not real and you had to get that in your mind! Well just think what the cryptocurrency is if that's not a bunch of fake stuff it's countered with nothing backed with nothing just something to trade like Pokemon cards seriously think about it currency we have in hand and we spend cryptocurrency just a bunch of BS no better than a Pokemon card it is all crazy if you think about it drive you nuts but oh what a game to play

SEO experimentations says:

We re going up 10 SPY 262C for 94 cent avg let s goooo

vincent temperino says:

I am so tired of trying to figure out my financial future…i'm 63.I feel that my employment efforts my whole life will be to pay doctor's an hospital's an not my children when the time comes…. an I don't like that.

BigLockDaddy’s - The ScamCoin Hunter says:

This old scam coin may have a plan… you decide. Great vid Gregory!

FortuneSeek3rz says:

Nice intraday POP.

Joe Truth says:


Delman says:

Well well well, went to get lunch, like couple minutes it seemed come back swear Nasdaq down either 14 or 17, no up like 20, lol, dow exploded, like what…. Sold some REK for a loss, didn't work out… Oh well, I'm about done, tried hard to get out of this trading, day sort, never again, can do what darn well likes, sticking to swing trading and investing… Could bought dog easily today like yesterday when Dow ws struggling up 63, no, BOOM, 400 plus, so goes to show HOW NASTY and quick market can move, yes some might love this I HATE it, come back 2017 all is forgiven, was so so easy, now 50 times as hard, live and learn eh, and MY SUGGESTION, is you do the same, STAY the heck out of it, until this settles, especiallt when have president Tweeter all the time, can get burned….

Brent Peterson says:

it's. a bitter sweet.

Marek Kolenda says:

Last hour Rolling Rolling Rolling can get 500 point today.

Leslie Warren says:

Greg from watching you and Greg Hunter I believe there is a terrible price to pay because we have no fair market value and we enslaved the world, not to mention liberalism has killed God. I am so conflicted at this point I don't know if capitalism is bad because without fair market value it enslaves people animals and the planet, with liberalism babies die God dies and people are lazy. Now here's what I struggle with do we support the dollar with no gold backing print for ever enslave the world or crypto currency everyone on an even currency but its killing our planet because of the electricity needed to mine it. Now I would love to fish and grow my own food but then the tax man would take my land. What kind of mess are we in?

camsteremail says:

It’s a shame that they just won’t let it correct itself. Hell if the dow goes down to 5000 so be it. Let’s get real growth the manipulation has gotten old and irritating.

Delman says:

Trying to sell off again, makes you wonder if every ones going, 'Hmm, changes every day, so Wednesday bound to be down, made some money today with it being up, think I'll get out now, not holding overnight.' Can't blame them… Traders I'm mainly on about I guess… Anyway we shall see, done this before today and rallied back over 160 was it, or 200 higher again, but we shall see now Dow only up 67 as type this..

Southern Bell says:

I just have to say it; Gregory, you are not only intelligent and educated on these issues, but you are gorgeous, as well! 😍😘 Thanks for everything you do.

Kenny Freeman says:

I understand- its the 3rd horseman in revelations 6

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