IMPORTANT UPDATES: Bonds, Stocks, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Crypto, Trading. By Gregory Mannarino

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Alexey Lisin says:

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aprilapple19 says:

GVR!…. u need to kerp it real n tell everyone to sell!!!!!!….gold n silver will tank in a few days….

Dwi Wahyono says:

Everytime the stock market rise when it's supposed to dip, I buy some gold instead

The Hard Truth says:

Stocks Will POP!!! If you think it cant go down your highly mistaken. 1933. We will see a collapse worse than then. Bible says a days wages for loaf of bread. Pay attention. Gas prices rising fast, and food prices are going up as well. Housing market they lie when they say its good because Home depot for example says different. Lets not forget the 6 Traders arrested yesterday for fixing Gold prices!!! TIC TOC BUBBLE IS ABOUT TO POP!!! DONT BE SUCKERS BanK HOLIDAY IS COMING SOON TO A PLACE NEAR YOU. THIS IS FACT and from and INSIDER to my local bank. Its being discussed in the meetings!!!

orsotoro2011 says:

Hi Greg. Your argument above was well-said and passionate, and I am convinced you are likely correct, but to be fair, you have previously stated that we should be watching for when both the stock and bond markets sell of in unison: you implying when that happens that this would be a major negative event. So those who have been paying attention over the last few months would be forgiven for getting hot under the collar when they saw that happening yesterday. I guess you would say that one swallow does not make a summer, so watch for a few more sessions and we will see a rotation back into stocks, and you were talking about the medium to long term. is that correct ?

amasilma says:

What I also think is, if the stock market will have a collapso it will only be so after bitcoin crash

amasilma says:

I think netflix and amazon are overvalued, if no upward trend tomorrow i will short netflix

Daniel Howell says:

that the Comex futures market structure allows a few big banks to supply gold to keep its price contained. I call the gold futures market the “paper gold” market because very little gold actually changes hands. $360 billion of paper gold is traded per month, but only $279 million of physical gold is delivered. That’s a 1,000-to-1 ratio:

Wash rinse recycle I don’t know how many times a day or month they do this sounds like guaranteed money to me

Daniel Howell says:

People are not going to go into silver and gold it’s to manipulated

matt smith says:

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Don Moses says:


Mark Shirley says:

You are absolutely right Greg! There is NEVER going to be a sudden crash or they lose all they have so carefully managed for so long to bring the whole world under total-control. And the time for the roll-INTO of THEIR debt-whale is not yet ready. 5G has to be up and running first, and more of the global debt-whale has to be cashless. So I'm with you Greg! Stock-market shaking out the chickens ready to scoop their eggs at bargain prices, and to the moon we go until the 'real-world' economy is staggering on its 'last-legs' of free-enterprise which the global conglomerate has not subsumed or shut down already. And gag on this or not, Jerusalem is actually the detonator which will trigger the rapture, and then this 'gong-show' brings on its end-run act. You don't want to be left behind for that. Trust me! …t

DNA Dave, Nathan & Adam says:

Well Greg, a correction across the board would help my Crypto portfolio right now! Haha! I don't think that will happen though. Isn't Trump due to say a few words soon?????

Devin Brines says:

TPTB have this gold market's balls in a fucking viiice

Switchblade Minerva says:

Amen my man!

ricky ronzello says:

Also wanted to say the only time you got fed wrong, I got it right. I wanted to get you ahead of time that you would have to say"the bald headed dumb dago from covington was right and I was wrong". Just for a laugh.

ricky ronzello says:

Greg, long time watcher first time comment. I remember the last time you were negative on a trade and added more you said you made a mistake and never will you do that again. Just a friendly reminder. Thanks for doing what you are doing, especially for charity.

Lars Christiansen says:

I am sure it is the banks who are manipulating everything, even the cryptos

Bill Daley says:

The day Bitcoin futures were announced to happen, I said, on one of your videos that the price would be controlled.How did I know that exactly?By watching the metals markets trade since 2010; many fail to remember the night Trump got elected where gold went up $100, and smashed down to 0 gain by the next morning. Well, welcome to the jungle I say, where the price is smashed down at will for no rhyme or reason but for maintaining the fiat casino.

I wonder how long it will take for the crypto crowd to realize that price manipulation is real; I guess buying BTC at $20,000 could feel a lot like buying gold at $2,000 very soon.

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