Important Updates PLUS: Bond Sell Off Resumes, Stocks Under Pressure. By Gregory Mannarino

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Scott and Sherryn Silverthorne says:

"They" can't say anything about the bond yield curve inversion. It is not consistent with "Their" narrative.

Scott and Sherryn Silverthorne says:

This is something that you have been talking about for ages, good for you!

jonathan bosco says:

Greg Sir if they told the truth how much would they paid, how much advertising sell for on the air if the truth was reported. Thank you for the video, we love you

sbkpilot11 says:

we are quite a long way away from a yield curve inversion… we don't even have a flat yield curve at the moment and the yield curve actually steepened with the rises in the last couple of weeks.

Guy Picard says:

The width of your website is wider than my screen. I think it would be a more user-friendly site if you made it more elastic. Tell your web developer instead of fixed widths on the divs to use percentages if you want to do this.

mikeselvaggio1 says:

A reminder…people should pay it forward. Trust me, if Greg comes knocking at your door about this, he won't be "Publisher's Clearinghouse!!

Marylu Sanchez says:

When is this going to blow Greg? When? How much longer can the market keep this up?

sandra shaw says:

Greg you are starting to need a new dry board pen again…thank you for all your work….

Krash845 says:

We all know why CNBC isn't talking about the yield curve in relation to a recession……the big whales need to sell off the crap to the retail investors, aka the suckers.

Bob Jobs says:

T-Bills will gap up next week. Greg will be like, "Your eyes will explode at the (Monday) chart". Load the boat!

Gregory Mannarino says:

Here is my plan for Monday. If the chart on my website still shows a sell signal on SPY, (it is still there), I will enter another short.

peeyavochka says:

10 year at 2.95 people!

Marek Kolenda says:

Down gone hit's -150t. to -300 points today

simple truth says:

Be prepared

Amoreena51 says:

Hi Greg, using my iPad I STILL can't scroll side to side. I guess you haven't optimized your website for tablets; too bad as that's the only computer I have.

Bill Bayne says:

GM. Thanks for the new tool on your site. Check out TrendSpider also. Started using it for my swing trades

Michelle Barkman says:

Well you may call him the Confederacy idiots but they have been manipulating ever since then nothing's changed and it always stay that way until you understand that and the people understand that that's why they lose money if you don't play their game you're not going to win until it changes you better play whatever is being played and the Confederacy was no different they were played just like the rest it's all a big illusion

Gregory Mannarino says:

Lions, I did not want to hold a position thru the weekend so I just closed my SPY puts with a just over 14% gain. Will re-evaluate on Monday.

fjones63 says:

Hi Greg. I do miss your Dollar, Gold , and Silver charts. I'm not a trader but I've always looked on your site for information. Have a great day and weekend.

Melissa Adams says:

Let us know if that curve inverts…will be interesting…

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