IMPORTANT UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Crypto, Gold, Silver, Trading. By Gregory Mannarino

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James Crane says:

the shorts lost money huh ?

rocklobster900 says:

666 divided by 33 equals 2018!

Jules Martin says:

Bonds rallied and stocks sold off……s&p puts and tlt calls. Buying gold and silver on the close.

Krogzax Ants says:

I made lot of money from shorting today.. I closed everything. Never going to hold anything right now. Its chaos right now.

Kevin Miller says:

You were wrong

Thomas Arbec says:

I purchased cryptos from Coinbase. Am I supposed to have a code to prove I own them ?

Julie Green says:

Today was a lovely, lovely day for TVIX and VIX.

Gary Turner says:

Wow do you ever get it wrong

Delman says:

well that was one heck of a wild ride, and I hate roller Coasters, lol, hmm, anyway, gosh won't say my usual interesting times, lol, though just did, think gone beyond interesting times…. lol…

Cyrus Mashhoodi says:

Greg, I heard stock market going down will help save the bond market. Love to hear your thoughts.

Wonderspazz 33 says:

Never invested. Will never invest. I will continue to watch daily. With no money involved, your info is most valuable.

Thracian says:

2635 was about a 9% correction from the high. Will there be a retest there?

Antonio Bailey says:

Thank you sir! See you later on today..

Gregory Mannarino says:

Flashcrash? No. This was done on purpose to push out weak hands and run the stops. Totally rigged. Stocks will probably rebound from here… #FAKEMARKETS

DJ Stark says:

Some “ entity “ is buying up bonds.. ?

jwichmann1985 says:

Please share this video to help wake people up.

ionlyemergeafterdark says:

'The crowd are invariably wrong.' I love it and I agree. When people try to use the argument by consensus I always think, 'But that is evidence against, not for.'

Daniel Berdichevsky says:

how did the dow go from 1070 to 820 than immediately back to 1070?

TheWanderer says:

How can VIX double like that…computers are selling off

Daniel Berdichevsky says:


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