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Jeffery Stone says:

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Jan C says:

Love the artwork. Always look forward to it!

Paul McLachlan says:

I’ve been too slow on these trades so haven’t been able to profit, haven’t lost either though. It’s just really hard to get in and out so quick. I bought one of your books online and it was informative as regards the RSI and MACD so no problem just need to refine the in and out skills

Kevin W says:

Good to know there are still some heroes left in America! I just bought silver!

DIRGES in the DARK says:

GREG how is bit coin not part of the Mark of the Beast? Come out of her my people. Doesn't God want us out and soon??

grE68 says:

Governments are not in control…the show is now run by speculators. This is not looking good.

Paul Furtado says:

Why was bitcoin propaganda created? In my view.
Can the quick rise of bitcoin be an incentive for people to exchange their physical gold and silver for bitcoin?
Then THEY release a Hack or Virus that wipes all the bitcoin out of existense!
In my view bitcoin is a system to swipe the wealth from ordinary citizens much like nazis loaded jews into trains under the guise of a better life.

Cinni Minni says:

OMG!!!! You have FB but yet sold your BTC? You have broke my heart!!!!! Silver smashed this week!!!!! Should I buy more BTC or silver????

Semantics Simple says:

Hey Greg, seems to be a no brainier that the whales are going to be buying bit coin until a day or so before the futures exchange opens. At which point they will join the banks in shorting the h*** out of bitcoin so they will be able to jump back in after btc is obliterated. What are your thoughts?

Delman says:

WOW watch action on ARGAN ARG, I was lucky when i got in an d out with a few bucks, down 233% one point, ouch, anyone think company was going bankrupt, yet is beat earnings.

Stuart Wilson says:

Could the Gold and silver market rats be leaving the sinking paper ship knowing that caught with the paper version will be only good for a fire? Also the bond market is crashing as I write this.

grE68 says:

Get your gold…you know what happens next. "How to take over the World" for Pro's…now in the Bookstore. Brilliant this crime.

Peter says:

It's not whether the bubble will burst, we know it will, it's a question of HOW it will burst. Politically, in terms of how the public views the market's integrity, (as opposed to how they view the current set of expendable politicians) it would be more advantageous if the market takes a dive because of a black swan event than if it falls of its own weight.

To me, and I'm no expert, it seems likely that the market will continue upward until some big event happens that crashes it. People might blame Trump, they might blame someone else, but they won't blame the markets, and I think that's the key.

In terms of what form a black swan may take, the remote viewing sessions I've seen for December indicate the possibility of an EMP attack on the US, presumably from NK, on a city that sounds to me like Denver. Interesting to note that Denver has 36 data centers located there, if they were zapped by an EMP, consider the implications. How much financial information resides there? How much of the internet resides there? In one fell swoop, the entire digital system would go away, or at least most of it. I assume they'll bring it back up, but it's a lot like a bank holiday, so I bet the numbers will be quite a bit different when things come back online.

How might one play that?

Gregory Mannarino says:

@11:49am PST. Bonds selling off pressuring stocks. They will not allow this to continue, Watch it reverse live. Click here: Bruja says:

Thank You… As Always… Mr. Greg

AR-FRM says:

You are seriously The Man GM! No one else comes close and I/we know you've taken a ton of hits along the way freom the trolls, naysayers & ne'er-do-wells and have stuck to your guns throughout, many thanks my friend… Also Bravo to you for valuing and celebrating your friend Ed Hall who somehow managed to survive Dec 7 1941 and help the wounded and dying while under fire. Incredible story about his finally getting his high school diploma too, they don't make 'em like that anymore, not many anyway… Thanks again Greg, you too are a rare bird who is probably far more valued & appreciated than even you know!

Teamhunley says:

Please give my thanks to Mr. Edward Hall, and to you too, Mr. Mannarino

Tony Blaylock says:

I am number 76

Mobimark Labs says:

Gregory, I believe there will be profit taking in January.

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