Important Updates: Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver, Dollar, Trading, Crypto. By Gregory Mannarino

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Onelaststand says:

10 FREE Let coins just for signing up! No credit card or payment required.
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Matt Spence says:

Bought puts against the dow after trumps speech couldn't have timed that more perfectly, up pretty nicely, surprised you didn't want to short anything today

never again says:

Enjoy the downfall

Michael D says:

As I said last time, it's easy trading markets that always go up, not so much nowadays. This market is rounding the top setting up for a bear run. Seen this shit play out time and time again in other markets. Bitcoin is a great call btw. It's almost ready to begin climbing again so entries here should do very well. Litecoin not so much. I love it… but it isn't ready to make big gains just yet. It's due for a pullback but there is a chance it'll gain a bit of ground before then.

Ancient Kings Cards and Comics says:

Cigna (CI) looks good down 30% buy low sell high. Also Exxon (XOM).

henry ayyash says:

Get ready for the big one I think they lost control it just matter of time.

feelnrite says:

The bottom is falling out of cattle and for no reason except tariffs maybe.

Antonio Bailey says:

Thank you sir see you at the end of the day.

SEO experimentations says:

GLD 125C 920% locked in 0.34 – 2.76 I definitely CREAMATED in my pants, UVXY calls ftw

stu uts says:

Look up LDSR blockchain security stock

chappi59 says:

Nothing wait for, I’ve been shorting the market.

Andor Koval says:

How do you buy bit coin or like coin.

Ashu Juneja says:

Bitcoin i don't think so… Earlier crash proved that bitcoin will also go down with the crash, bull market is over….

Ashu Juneja says:

Silver bull market begins today….

inner dinosaur says:

I'm with Greg to he's here out of the goodness of his heart peace

Judy Mckee says:

Market will be a Slow uptrend. UPTREND is the key.

S says:

bought another 76 oz of silver yesterday ……

wayne mcclory says:

Greg watch out for Black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and another black FRIDAY $$$!

wayne mcclory says:

Greg watch out for Black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and another black FRIDAY $$$!

Max D says:

I think you picked a good time to buy Bitcoin. We keep getting higher lows which is a good sign. Approx 5900, then 7500, then 8300. I think we are finally getting a slow and steady bull run.

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