IMPORTANT UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, US Dollar, Trading, MORE! By Gregory Mannarino

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DNA Dave, Nathan & Adam says:

Thanks Greg!

Terri says:

I watched the interview! LOVED IT.Period..!

Reno says:

Caterpillar is going high cause destruction is coming = big clean up

robilefoxx says:

There is a dark scheme setting up the markets for a complete collapse. Selling pressure in past weeks on bonds has provoked the US Federal Reserve to buy up bonds, in their attempt to keep the Stock Market propped up. With their balance stretched to the limit, one more market sell-off or a steep plunge of the US Dollar will "break the Bank" of the Fed; especially, should the US Treasury be unable, or unwilling, to fraudulently digitally transfer money into the coffers of the Federal Reserve. So, with high pressure on the Fed, an imminent black swan event could spell doom for the Federal Reserve and other central banks and the global banking system, should the US Dollar experience a flash crash of any significance; the drop in the Dollar blunting any action by the Fed and, likely, limiting, or preventing, financial collusion with the Fed by the US Treasury. Thus, as all the central banks are finding it more difficult to corruptly continue their fraudulent manipulations, it could be that this is the moment the wise should exit the Markets.

clueken13 says:

You’re the Mannarino!!!

Kyle Style says:

Greg… Noooo! Teach a man to fish don't make sheeple. You know that. Whats with the stock picks?

Jose Arteaga says:

The Roaring 2020's – Electrum Hack – Ripple 18k – Wealth transfer – Cryptocurrency Rant –

Jane thorson says:

Thanks Greg, cool.

Joe April says:

Bought CAT calls -Thanks Greg!! "CAT CALLS" HA!!!

Gregory Mannarino says:

Lions I also just closed my WMT position/calls with a 19% profit.

Gregory Mannarino says:

Lions! I just closed my position/calls on CAT with a 61% profit in 3 days.

Barry Young says:

I'd watch out for cat I got my arse kicked last time.

Shaka Zulu says:

Yes, agreed with several below; excellent interview on Greg Hunter and you by no means went too far out in the deep end… just right. You are 2 of the best truth tellers I've heard in our times. Thanks for your insights!

Peter says:

Greg, I think the crypto market is about to get HAMMERED, here's why. The new tax law in the US is absolutely BRUTAL towards individual crypto traders, businesses can probably work around it, but the little guy faces serious legal jeopardy trading cryptos now, look into it. This will FUD the hell out of the market as the reality of the situation sinks in. All those new signups that are clogging the exchanges will evaporate as people look for safer ways to grow their money.

Gregory Mannarino says:

Yes, You Can Rip The Face Off This Market! By Gregory Mannarino Click here:

J.M. B. says:

Ahhh…. Cool, you will post your trades, instead of your tirades going postal. Yes, cool. Both are much appreciated! 🙂

Walker Montana says:

You were just fine in the interview. I appreciate plain spoken people.

Da Lone Voice says:

I only watch two people on Financial info. Bix Weir for Silver and Gold but he is moving to cryptos and YOU, I love your honesty and your transparency. So many say do as I say not as I do. You show us what you DO! Awesome!

Da Lone Voice says:

I watched the interview with Hunter. I thought it was great! I follow you here and on Steemit I do not do Twitter!

Vivian Winters says:

I really got a lot out of that interview and when you said "it’s an evil machine" that’s very astute and the beautiful thing about the stock market is that a shrewd man can make money when it goes up and when it goes down.

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