In the STOCK MARKET CRASH this will happen!

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Today we have to talk about the stock market crash that will happen someday. What will go on during the stock market crash? I will tell you in this video exactly what will happen in the next stock market crash. Stock market crash 2017 is unlikely. As for a stock market crash 2018 we will just have to wait and see.
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mrgr3en says:

I hate this new YouTube algorithm, your videos no longer show in my subscriptions. But since I know you upload daily, I just go to your channel. This is annoying.

Money Mills says:

I completely agree Jeremy. I for sure will be buying stocks and houses as much as possible. That's what I did In 2008 when I bought my first house. Everyone was calling me crazy to the point I stopped talking about investing. Now I'm not rich by any means but I'm very comfortable and I'm worth more than both my parents and pretty much all my friends combined. With all the info out there at your fingertips it's incredible how many ppl will still sell for a loss instead of dollar averaging down.

ri pi says:

How do you all buy stocks? Price action, chart reading, dip or gap buying, news articles, just buy low sell high, etc. ?

StockStory says:

Good advice, I would like a correction to a crash to bring valuations more in line with what I would consider a good return on investment. I mean this with regards to business returns rather than the stock market. I would not purchase a business that was going to take 20 years to return my investment. Thanks for the video.


Jeremy, if you want the correction / crash – does that mean you're cashed out from all/most of your stocks?

Patrick Young says:

Mainstream media blames it on Trump like smoke and mirrors. The housing bubble, stock market bubble, bond bubble. Buy precious metals.

Jesus Hernandez Jr says:

2 Green 3 red past 4 days !!!

45138449 says:

5:135:18 love it!!! hahahahahahaha!!

virginie corbo says:

I always look forward to your videos!

Mike Guilmot says:

When there's blood in the streets …

Henok Goitom says:

What would we do without this guy…

MrC0MPUT3R says:

Came back to your channel after a bit of a hiatus. I see you're still rocking that stash, and still compressing your audio to hell and back 😛

TheRexDark says:

Meanwhile, I'm just hoping for a crash so I can get in.
These all time highs make me too nervous to actually get in.

scorpiocyborg says:

Hey, I'm looking to get into the stock market but I think I dont have enough knowledge about it to risk my own money. Can someone please give me a site where I can play with fake money on the stock market?

Trinitro phenylnitramine says:

VXX was up yesterday. I sold some stocks and made a couple of bucks before the dip!

50nam says:

Great content as always Jeremy!! What's your take on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin…
also do you think if stock market crashes and people lose faith in market, can that drive bitcoin to go bullish. Thanks!

Flying Phoenix says:

I appreciate what you mention about being in it for the long run. Many people think the stock market is easy money, but they don't realize how easy it is to lose everything. One thing I would caution against, which I have seen in some of your other videos, is urging people to buy or sell particular stocks (ie SNAP). I believe that encourages the "short term investing mentality." Rather, it would be better to mention a stock that has a potential, and encourage people to do their own research and decide whether it is for them.

Kristofer Fitzhugh says:

Jeremy you're giving away all the secrets! Lol. Great video!

Peter Moreno says:

Jeremy how do you know so much! about businesses??? did you go to Columbia or something! I would like to know tons of it?

Prasad Gajare says:

Hello, Love you videos. Keep up the work. I was wondering you can tell me how to find Industry P/E ratio on Yahoo finance which was was available in old yahoo finance.

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