Individual Bonds vs. Bond Funds: What’s the Difference?

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Choosing between an individual bond and a bond fund? Watch this video to learn benefits and risks of each.

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Big Neuton says:

0:00 Investors cum?

Anthony Perez says:

Bond fun looks like buying stocks to me. What am I missing?


Is it smart to switch ur emergency/savings account to a bond fund?

Stock Tricks says:

My name is Bond… James Bond.

Vegito Blue says:

Great understandable video 👍🙂👍

Dylan says:

How to buy individual bonds on tos ?

Tim says:

Is there a difference in the tax treatment of the interest received from a bond vs the dividend from a bond fund?

Sorry if the answer is easily found — I am new to all of this. Thank you for providing these videos for learning!

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