Insider Trading China Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold

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The ultimate insiders are the governments and central banks. We’ve seen the power shifting from the West to the East and now China is launching the first energy exchange convertible into gold. Is this the end of the petro dollar?

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谢李艳 says:

太有意思,means "very interesting".

gemini232003 says:

Every video is great, thanks again.

Jack Drusus says:

Lynette does China enough Gold to back this some think they have about 30,000 Tones



Mystery Buyer says:

As always thanks for the video. I love gold and silver. I listen carefully. The dollar is crud.

Therealmiracleworker says:

Thanks for your channel Lynette. If i may come back to gold, you say you wont digitise your gold, and live by the mantra "if you don't hold it you dont own it", but how far to you extend that? I guess what i am asking is do you trust the companys like Brinks to hold your gold, another well known example here would be Goldmoney. I just never liked the idea of having too much gold and silver at home, thinking it may be stolen.


This is the only way I will communicate with you Lynette.

ng says:

Thank you very much for mentioning Goldman Sachs specifically – great SHORT candidate. THANKS!

Girl Geek Corner says:

thank you Lynette

John Rand says:

The CNBC financial talking heads won't tell you this. They are owned by corporate America and beholden to their advertisers.

Kevin Spencer says:

😳😱😱😱Scary stuff kids

Thomas Kauser says:

What happens to the dollar if they reverse "mark to fantasy" ? FSB 153 or something . you are having a blast and that is what is important?

Thomas Kauser says:

So north Korea is a win win win?

prospero says:


Charles Redlin says:

This woman is incredible!!!! Love her knowledge!!!!

Zes says:

no such thing as fx or not firx or huge or not, huge can be inferix

David says:

I have a silly question : if there are 1.5 quadrillions of money invested in derivatives where do all these money come from ?

David says:

it this the real reason why US is making friend with the Saudi ? it always make more sense when you see foreign affairs from the currrency prospective

jimsjoe1 says:

The only part of the article that is true is that China is in fact testing a crude futures contract to be traded in the yuan. Those who market metals to consumers picked up on this and ran with it without any research or critical thinking. The article was actually from a Japanese web site and not from China and there is simply no article from any Chinese official or newspaper claiming this. The article also stated that the yuan could be exchanged for gold on the crude futures market where it is traded which is the Shanghai Exchange and also fully convertible on the Hong Kong Exchange. The Chinese are not stupid as they know that this would strengthen the yuan and collapse their exports, their economy and the new silk road project. In fact the yuan was pegged to a basket of currencies which included the dollar but due to all the dollar strength for the last year the dollar was removed as it was causing the yuan to strengthen. They have been clearly going in the opposite direction.
Another problem with this is that they know that the US could exchange the stronger dollar for the weaker yuan and then drain their gold reserves. Simply not going to happen.
Still another problem is that their total liquidity is over $22 trillion and all of this would have to be backed. The total amount of gold ever mined at today's price is from $7 to $9 trillion. Where are they going to get the gold?
Still another problem is that for an economy to grow you need a constant flow of new liquidity and this requires a constant purchasing of gold to back it. Also you have to replace what went out the gold window. No country on the planet can afford this type of system. The US was forced off it when gold was fixed at only $35.
All these stores are scripted as the FED has gone into panic mode. They need a weaker dollar and also to stop the capital flight out of Europe from flowing into the dollar and dollar based assets as the euro, the EU, most of its banks and countries are in serious financial trouble and the shit hits the fan in 2018. The FED has been attempting to discourage these flows by jawboning down markets even bringing in the big banks in addition to Greenspan and Rickards.They even marched out the head of the CME claiming gold should be at $5000 with Richards at $10,000. Then they marched out an analyst from BoA claiming gold was going to take off. Then Goldman came out and said gold is a currency and with their head stating yesterday markets are overvalued. Now we have the China story. Are we seeing a pattern here yet folks? This simply shows the total desperation of the FED as they know when Europe goes the shit will hits the fan later in the US and they are powerless to stop it. So much for the theory that metals are suppressed to instill dollar confidence as they clearly want and need a weaker dollar which is less confidence not more.
Equity markets have been in a state of consolidation since February and the worst is a normal correction before moving higher.
The only thing left to say by some of the comments is that Common Core has been a great success!

Eki Rasche says:

Thank you very much for the info.

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