Insider Trading: What is Really Going on with Gold and Silver

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We discover another pattern shift in the bond market. Up until September the yield movement of the US Treasury 10 Year Note and the 10 year Bund were almost perfectly correlated, but in September, there was a pattern shift. Why does this matter?

Because our current fiat money system is based upon debt and the US debt limit has been suspended since last March 15th. Interestingly, while the debt ceiling has been raised fourteen times since 2000, it has been suspended only three times starting in 2013. This is a pattern shift that, in my opinion, indicates that the extraordinary central bank policies put in place during the 2008 crisis, are breaking down.

How traders help hide the truth from the public and make money for themselves in the process?

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Hernando Cortez says:

Is it safe to assume there will be another coordinated attack on silver and gold prices as we near December 22?

eufibu123 says:

Danke! Danke! Danke!!!

Tom M. says:

BHPBilletin  just announced it's bailing out of its U.S. fracking holdings in 2018 rather than the previously announced 2021 timetable.  WHY???  I think it's because they see a credit crunch and interest-rate spike in late 2018 or some time in 2019.  Fracking fields require large investments of borrowed money.  If a crunch were to take place the interest payments would soar and these costs might not be recovered if oil and gas prices remain under pressure.

The Mansion says:

Lynette. You are a wonderful breathe of fresh air. Great analysis and commentary. Thank you

Terri says:


tonycodolo says:

Could someone be kind and explain to me something, I do not understand the buy and sell differences Lynette talks about in the beginning. If selling is overall 21 X higher than the buyers, who did the sellers sell to? My understanding is that for every seller there has to be a buyer. Sorry I know this might seem a stupid question.

ewmism says:

My local bullion dealer is now accepting Bitcoin!

RkicF8 says:

Whats going on with it? lol, silvers on sale, it's christmas time, nailed another dip, my cost average is insane.

Katy Meigs says:

Lynette: What do you think is the meaning of the Bund and Treasury divergence?

coyote coyote says:

What we need are regional paper currencies, backed up with a parallel block-chain technology, and redeemable, on demand, in silver, and incorporating the brilliant and simple silver pricing mechanism developed by Hugo Salinas Price. I would go for that.

longgowhereto says:

This was perfectly explained. Livermore said, "It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It was always my sitting. Got that? My sitting tight."
I doubt he sat as long as I have. 😉

John Boutakis says:

We love Lynette, Eric and team at ITM Trading, thankyou guys for all of your hard work and great advice.

KoiPondPeppy says:

OMG that's the first time I've heard of this coordinated rotation or even the coordination between the commercials and managed money. OMG. Well there you have it. Black and white. HA! You're a genius, Lynette. So obvious when you see it but you had to know where to look.

Darren Beasley says:

Hi Lynette. In your video yesterday you mentioned how they are aiming to inflate the debt away? can you please explain how this works, I assume they won't be inflating private debt away like home mortgages. Thanks

silver man says:

why the hell is no one talking about airgeadcoin for the lover of god they can solve the whole precious metal market

SAM Cooper says:

Check out Judge Anna von Reitz website for mind blowing information on the true history of this corrupt gov't!

Lynette Zang says:

Sorry, I just saw that I flipped flopped the COT report position of Gold and Silver. Silver had the extreme % decline of 36.7% and 48.2% in contract holdings.

Tavistock Engineered says:

Is China's yuan connected with gold? Or does it act like a separate entity, like the fed reserve note, the dollar? Will the fact that the American dollar is the world's reserve currency save us from the disaster that hit Argentina or Greece?

Tavistock Engineered says:

What is the ":fundamental value of gold and silver right now, Lynette Lang? Please explain because I thing they can keep this debt based money thing going for a long time to come.

Tavistock Engineered says:

It is time we take our money system back into our control!!!!

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