Inspirational Speech From My Presidential Suite In Poland

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Go apply at to be my next millionaire student, but realize the journey will NOT be fun or easy, the vast majority of traders lose so you must do everything you can to be better prepared on this battlefield that is the stock market…let me know if you will be dedicated and if videos like this inspire you!


Daniel Burnashev says:

I'm inspired!

N1iklas says:

im inspired

Ashton De Simone says:

I enjoy these videos. (I'm inspired)

Min Kim says:

I'm inspired

Brutus Empire says:

im inspired!

Michal S says:

I'm from Warsaw and I checked that 1 day in this suite costs 3 months of a typical Polish salary lol :). It's next to presidential palace. Have fun in Poland!

Young Investor says:

You haven't promised millions BUT your strategies when learned pretty much promises! 😉

MrYoungkay says:

I'm inspired!

jörgen persson says:

Im inspired….!!!!!!!!!!

Adam D. says:

Welcome to Poland Tim !
I'm inspired by your teachings and your motivational speeches, don't give up on us 😉 With enough hard work I hope it will all "click" for me one day.

Rafael SBarrientos says:

I'm inspired!

anthony eckman says:

thanks Tim I'm almost done with the dvds.

Mo Downey says:

I'm Inspired

steve sirois says:

its a nice motivation video tim. i will study hard and be your next multi millionaire canadian student

Tam Nguyen says:

I'm inspired!!!

jeanine davis says:

I'm inspired!!!!! I actually found you thru Steve Harvey. I follow him here on youtube. In the search I was looking up extra income ideas found Steve Harvey video. I figured if Steve Harvey would put you on His show, then you are the real deal. I then searched for you on social media from there accepted the challenge. Did all 7 homework assignments and now I'm in the process of saving up $ to start learning from you. There is no ? in my mind I will be your next millionaire after ducks and the first women student to be a millionaire

Konrad Engen says:

I'm inspired

Ritch Flynn says:

Awesome, Tim. Its slowly clicking… studying on the weekend again. I'm inspired!

entalpa says:

I'm inspired Tim Sykes. I Want to become your Milionair student and i will study verry hard!

bobby plowman says:

I'm inspired in N.C.

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