Inspiring Trading Lessons from 3 Top Students

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Becoming a well-educated trader can be tough and tiring. It requires constant patience and absolute dedication. Everyone has a different trading journey, niche, and personality. Today, three of my top students share their trading stories and inspiration with you! What will you learn from them?

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I’m here with three of my top students — Roland, Huddie, and Mark Croock — discussing their individual trading journeys.

Roland wanted to supplement his income shortly after his second child was born. So one day, he sat down and googled ‘how to day trade’ — that’s when he discovered me. He was skeptical at first, but he saw some of my students’ stories and decided to give it a shot.

He was hooked immediately! He reports that once he became consistent, he quit his job to become a full-time trader. He really enjoys the freedom it can offer … from choosing his own hours to having more time to spend with his family.

Huddie’s first few years were challenging. He rode the roller coaster alright: winning and losing, struggling to get into the right mindset, and feeling demoralized after every loss. It’s no secret that he had a rough start.

He knew something had to change, so he started studying his stats to help better define his strengths and weaknesses. He discovered the majority of his losses came from his longs, and most of his profits came from his shorts…

That’s how Huddie finally discovered his niche. And he learned to better understand the psychology behind his trades. He also tested multiple shorting strategies to find the one that best suits his style. And he struck a balance between being a student and a part-time trader. It all started to fall into place, and it made a huge difference.

Mark started thinking about his future and long-term career goals … He always had a passion for the stock market but never fully understood day trading. When he came across my trading programs and DVDs, they really grabbed his attention.

This was an opportunity for him to change course and try trading full-time. He’s inspired by being able to chase his passion for the markets and seize awesome opportunities. And he’s dedicated to mastering this industry. That dedication helped him get to where he is today.

How do my students’ stories inspire you? Every trading journey is different … tell me a little bit about yours. Drop a comment below!

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Chris Woods says:

This is inspiring! Congrats to you and your students!

Ikääntynyt lapsi says:

thanks tim!

Abdunnur Tarique says:

Hey Tim I'm getting started out in the stock market, just wanted to know if you use "share dealing" ,"CFD" or "spread betting" when trading penny stocks.

Ed bet says:

Video was short but had valuable lessons! i love it! we want longer video interviews haha (: Thanks Tim, feel better soon!)

Kaylene Johnson says:

Inspiring testimonial. Thanks Tim.

i watch u when u sleep says:

thanks timmy my milkshake goten good trades a day making living a money everyday, i had been to keep quit my job

CalTrac Trading says:

Awesome video! You inspired me to make trading educational videos of my own!

Damien Nowak says:

I finally get an interview tomorrow for your million dollar challenge hopefully I'm accepted because I'm really excited about this challenge. Tim you have made me more interested about penny. I lost every interest for playing my xbox. I've only been learning about penny stocks throigh your YouTube… I will strive to learn every thing. Even my mother is suprised because your an American hedge fund book is the first book i have read or even picked up in the past 5 years. So i thank you for the motivation vids and thank you for all the vids you have made for us to learn, and thank you so much for making them interesting. Hopefully one of theae days ill be able you…

Acee Vee says:

It’s a lot of people that really don’t believe the stock market can give you insane gains without being invested long term smh

ibrahin12 Omar says:

Merci badoon 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Chris Invests - Personal Finance Videos says:

This is so inspiring 😀

Average Trader says:

It's about time Mark Crook broke over a million ! Congrats

Moscow Russian says:

Thats the dedication

Jordan Reed says:

Can’t wait to be the next testimonial. Thanks Tim

Ainz GG says:

Got my Trading Challenge interview later today..still learning and accumulating the knowledge slowly but surely

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