Institutional Investors Arrive… $116K Bitcoin by

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Cryptocurrency News Daily with Crypto Love. Today: Announcing Coinbase Suite of Institutional Products. Nasdaq powered cryptocurrency exchange platform to launch in June. Morgan Stanley: Central Banks Could force Negative Interest Rates with crypto. Bitcoin (BTC) is repeating 2013 to reach $116,000 by end of 2018. UPbit audit confirms South Koreas largest exchange not at fault. A warning to new investors. BCash hard fork. CTO of Ripple steps down, announces new company Coil. Mitsubishi working on Payment Pilot with Ripple. German online bank replaces SWIFT with Bitcoin. FedEx CEO say blockchain will revolutionize industry. CME Group launches ethereum price indexes for Ethereum Futures. Joint venture between ICON and Line called Unchain. Florida Tax Collector becomes first government agency to accept Bitcoin.

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To appease money-hungry lawyers and irresponsible people, it should be known that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I am merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your own money is your own responsibility. Seek the counsel of an intelligent financial advisor (good luck finding one) before investing yours or anyone else’s money.


Adrián Martínez says:

Ontology and NEO will be sure in the top 10 next year!!

Damian Damienov says:

We are in the bear market. BTC will hit 6k and than we will see. Thank me later.

J2Duncan says:

Great Show!

Brandon Conwells says:

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CryptoHongKong says:

Lets go Btc!

Patty Man says:

Love your hyper positive vibe man !!! you're da man and one of the dudes I always watch …. I think you need a shave though 😀 oh year …. block chain shavers are coming your way!

abtuben says:


Jay May says:

Jeez! You need a shirt that says "Crypto Love Hate relationship"

Chris Lee says:

Crypto! Crypto!

Jonathan Allen says:

Lambos through NY

Brian Fox says:

Would love to win a shirt… Will wear it with pride in my small town… Keep up the good work!… CryptoLove is one of my favorite Crypto Channels…

Nikolay Georgieff says:

crypto love

Serge Sam says:

Some other False promise….Market crash again 10% + Why… Why this is not SERIOUS, This is the consensus week is it ?Was it suppose to EXPLODE ? day after day, week after week we see this DIP, Where are those so call BIG investor ? Start to believe that this whole CRYPTO is just a LIE, That no one care about it except some ….IT'S so annoying WENT ARE WE GONE FUCKING MOON…WENT WENT WENT….Buy sell buy sell Moffat is right after all, it's just a KID GAMES, JUST Gambler…THAT NOT SERIOUS, All ready we're suppose to be 1T and still like BABY Market with our ridiculous 400B….IT'S Just false deception, This technology will never rise, War is there priority, Those with big money don't care about this tech all they want is spend there Million alone…..MY PREDICTION : WW3, ECONOMY CRASH, DESOLATION, DECEPTION, END OF TIME…..BLOCKCHAIN AT THIS RATE WILL " NEVER HAPPEN " Since those that control the word don't give a F*****…….It's just a gambling tool NOTHING SERIOUS Up, Down, Up, Down IT AS NOTHING TO DO WITH " THE INTERNET " Went it come it rise like crazy, It was SERIOUS…Now all these DIP are just a joke,something to waste our time So depressing……Word is run by a bunch a fool.. .. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE SKY FALLING ON THERE STUPID HEAD, BILL GATES INC…Can't wait for this to end… IT MAKE NO SENSE !!! 🙁 Was suppose to EXPLODE, NOW Everything is down like crazy ? BIG MONEY HAHAHA WHAT A JOKE THE CRYPTO IS !

Vasil Petrov says:

in the face consensus btc price under 8k.hahaaha

NapalmX says:

I wouldn't give the government ANY bitcoin. They'll benefit from it when it goes up. Let them keep using their piece of shit paper dollars.

Gooplus Blows says:

We are going for 7500 not long but we will hit it

Gooplus Blows says:

Thought you were a good bloke till you threw in the im a vegan. Haha lucky you are informative

Paris Gamarra says:

You freakin rock!!! i need a cute cryto Love T!!!!

Cryptomoneymaker says:

i want the coin farting unicorn shirt 😉

kade watson says:

When t-shirt

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