Interview: Adam Button – CEO, Forex Live

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In this recording we discuss the following questions:

1. What is the biggest strength a trader should have?

2. What is the most successful trading strategy you’ve come across? What triggers these strategies, how are entries/exits made?

3. If you had to scalp on a 5min timeframe how would you do that?

4. Do you trade? Do you capitalize on having a front seat to the news?

5. Of course you have a risk management plan, would you mind sharing some bit of it? Please shed some light on what will be a good entry/exit point related to a particular risk management plan.

6. What are your thoughts on the perennial TA vs FA debate?

7. What do you think about crude oil in the long term?

8. Tips on news trading?

9. What are your future plans for Forex Live? Are you considering starting a forum or something of the sort for users?

10. Is Forex Live coming out with a mobile app?


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