[INTERVIEW] The Best Bond Futures Trader I know – Infinity Futures, Bond Futures, Interest Rate

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Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures
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Interview with the best Futures Trader I know – Donny routines pulls 7 figures out of Bond Futures, also called Interest Futures, in this interview Donny discusses Treasury Notes, Fed, Infinity Futures Bond trade, how to trade the Nob Spread, and 10yr and 5yr notes using futures Bond Futures, Infinity Futures, How to trade Bond Futures, How to trade the yield curve futures contract interest rate future interview forex


Sam Haim says:

Very informative. Would love to see Donny being on the show again! Thank you Jonathan for putting up this wonderful talk show.

petr oric says:

Thanks for sharing this one, Jonathan.

Jim Jones says:

Great video, thanks for sharing the information

Max says:

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