Intraday Spreadbetting – Episode 01 – Trading the DAX for +390 points

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This week Chris provides some commentary on his Swingtrading system and shows how members were able to achieve +390 points from March 31st to April 6th 2016.

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russell steel says:

I agree, that's good advice, one must learn to trust the system you have adopted, let the system run to see the results and only tweaks should be required

chrissyboy2006 says:

Hi Chris, as always loving the Youtube vid's and especially been enjoying all the podcast episodes, the recent one about growing wealth and rules was very beneficial. I recently got your email about the price changes to 'beginner spread betting' course, do you know how much of an increase in the price it'll be?

As after watching and listening to lots of your resources over the last couple months I reckon next month I'm going to get started for myself, once my account size has a little more time to grow.

Appreciate all the advice and handwork you put in Chris, top stuff!



maxpesh says:

Great example of disciplined and controlled emotion Chris & your podcast is brilliant, cheers :-)

Igor Belache says:

Very informative video, Chris. Thanks. May I ask, how did you decide to go short at that very initial stage? What system is that you use?

kyzasoze says:

Hi Chris, can i ask what your win lose percentage is on your strategy? Are your entry, exits based on SMA or EMA? or something else.

I currently trade fx using advanced patterns but am interested in adding a new system and am interested in what you do

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