Intro to Hacking Penny Stocks

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This is the first video of the Hacking Penny Stock video tutorial series. A $200 value, absolutely free!

Learn some of the basic fundamental concepts of penny stocks. Find more penny stock tutorials at:




Great video with lots of informative pieces of information for beginning traders. Even though the title of this says hacking penny stocks, this video is provides useful information on all stocks. I cannot wait to see what else this video series has in store.

Sigmund Freud says:

Should I suck your cock now, or later?

longDiscoStick says:

The video really gets great after ~10mins, even though a lot of the topics are basics, I really like you introducing them for newer traders like me before you get in the deeper stuff. Also really like the presentation style.

Before the 10 minute mark though, you sound like the biggest douche ever imo. I really think just introducing by saying what you did and not why you are literally the most awesome and smartest penny stock trader (or "hacker") of all time, would also boost your credibility a lot. I would usually easily believe someone who says: yeah, I got a financial degree, had a cool internship and am pretty good w/ computers and maybe even hacking, but after your presentation I seriously doubted if everything you said is true.

But that's just my opinion, great video overall, keep it up.

MasterofDisaster17 says:

Suck a great video, I am just getting into penny stocks and i cant express how much this helped me! looking forward to your next videos

Marco Digrado says:

10 minutes into the video, and this sounds like your trying to sell me something. Will update if there is anything useful in this.

EDIT 1: I'm liking this mass momentum formula. I do believe there are indicators out there already that take this into account. Also, an average trader does look at volume when trading momentum. However, having a special indicator for it may be an easier way of interpreting the Delta of Price and Volume.

EDIT 2: Great video overall! Lots of very informative information. The narrator is straight to the point (after the first 10 minutes) and is a great teacher. The last 30 minutes has some very useful information about why stock prices fluctuate. I am looking forward to the next videos!

Hacking Penny Stocks says:

I've compiled a list of sections to make it easier to navigate through the video.

0:00 – Introduction to series + short bio about myself
11:56 – Evolutionary traits (why do women love men w/ money?)
14:11 – Volatility
15:30 – How penny stocks create generate large returns
16:40 – Beta
17:36 – Liquidity
19:33 – What are stocks?
21:58 – Preferred stock vs Common stock
24:10 – Outstanding shares
25:04 – Bulls vs Bears
25:47 – Short-term vs Long-term
27:01 – Investing vs Trading
28:42 – Trading styles
35:23 – Game example (scalper, daytrader, swingtrader)
37:20 – Position traders
37:37 – HFTs (high-frequency traders)
41:15 – Trading strategies
52:47 – Time dependent + strategy
54:03 – Market capitalization
56:55 – Correlation & causality + post-hoc fallacy
1:05:21 – What moves stock prices?
1:07:55 – Supply and demand in the stock market (demand, demand curve, Qd, Market definition)
1:13:08 – Law of demand + change in Qd + demand schedule
1:17:10 – Change in demand
1:17:58 – Demand shifters
1:23:51 – Supply, Qs, supply curve
1:25:00 – Law of supply
1:26:00 – Change in Qs
1:27:10 – Supply shifters
1:39:11 – Market equilibrium (market-clearing price)
1:43:58 – Greed & fear determinants, rule of thumb, ceteris peribus
1:46:48 – Disequilibrium + bid & ask price + spread + shortage & surplus
1:50:47 – What is a penny stock?
1:53:37 – Winning vs Losing myths (higher % of wins =/= higher chance of success)

Top Shelf Sounds says:

Good stuff! If you need any copyright free music to use in your videos so you don't get a copyright strike, I have that over on my channel. We post daily music so there is always something new each day! It's all free to download and free to use, if you are interested! Have a great day!

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