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S K says:

Dan its like your reading my mind , honestly I ask myself how to do this and that ? And, you answered my questions . Great content , you truly are a gift to us and you just keep getting better . Blessings are always coming your way for all the knowledge you spread . You are the best of the best the only channel I need to tune into to learn . I have explored other channels , but you make me come back everyday and the others just don't have that teaching skill and knowledge like you . You my friend have a very bright future , you are a Einstein .

ke od says:

Well done going over the basics. Been looking at the same thing. Waiting for the volatility to spike to capitalize on option trading the direction.

Keep up the good work.

LVHorse says:

Much appreciated!

caglebagles says:

Can you recommend a platform for traders under $10k

Nima Pars says:

Great video. Thank you Dan.

Mike Fuhrmann says:

Thanks Dan! Is Fidelity a good platform to make these potential trades for most US investors? I know you have mentioned Fidelity numerous times in other videos.

Goldenpill says:

Im stacking physical gold and silver.

Evan Adkins says:

Everyone should physically hold Gold and Silver cause last thing you want is the government nationalizing the banks like Brazil did and taking all of you money.

JayBigDadyCy says:

Where is the best place to get started trading these assets. As in is there a certain broker or site that you prefer to trade through. Finally looking to get into different markets after starting in crypto.

Juli Collum says:

Great introduction to this sector! Perfect timing for weekend rabbit hole learning… please do more videos like this! I would watch this daily just as i have watched all of your crypto content.

Sir Bunghole says:

Don't forget gold has its own 1X, 2X and 3X ETFs, like UGLD and DGLD. If the markets are crashing and gold mining stocks are behaving like gold STOCKS rather than GOLD stocks these might be more useful.

Luis Egea says:

Thanks so much for this! Perfect timing as I was just looking into this sector, but am unfamiliar with it other than the basics like dollar up, gold down and store of value.

wertzui says:

Somebody told me to trade miners. Must have done something wrong 'cause I am in jail for selling children into slavery…

Great intro though.

Eric L says:

Bullish on TheChartGuys!
I was looking forward to this video. Thanks!

NichoTBE says:

When the comex etc. is running low on physical gold so that paper claims to gold ratio is way out of wack, does that play any factor in your analysis?

MyNameisCraigGrant ThisIsMyBitcoinWallet. says:

use not Google! great vid Dan!

Jim Reed says:

Regarding trading commodities in Europe, anyone have experience with the Etoro platform? I see a lot of people claiming it is a scam? If so, any recommendations for alternatives would be appreciated.

Fool12 says:

I love goooooold

1988Allnatural says:

Thanks Dan, love how thechartguys goes over many different sectors of the economy. Always gives us the opportunity with sector rotations!

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