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What it means to buy a bond. Created by Sal Khan.

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Finance and capital markets on Khan Academy: Both corporations and governments can borrow money by selling bonds. This tutorial explains how this works and how bond prices relate to interest rates. In general, understanding this not only helps you with your own investing, but gives you a lens on the entire global economy.

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divij kumar says:

what software or what programme is used in above video .,, I too want to use it for presentations in my colg

Saksham Gupta says:

great job sir,,thanx

AntiTroll101 says:

i have a question: don't bonds have floating interest rates that change based on LIBOR + previous cycle interest rates? so wouldn't the coupon not necessarily be $50 every month?

Trulee Youtube says:

So companies can sell equity that they actually don't have? Where would the $5m come from and how would they get people to buy shares on it?

varun pahwa says:

superb sir

Stella Toweett says:


J Walker says:

That was!… That.. Was… That was a pretty good! A.. Pretty.. Good.. A pretty good… Video!… Video… Vi.. De.. O.. Video

wondering trader says:

Exactly, create 500 shares out of nothing???How can that be possible?

David Lewis says:

How can you issue new shares without diluting the other shares?

asad ali khan says:

you are one awesome khan !

fleshcookie says:

So every 6 months you have to pay out 25k? seems risky

Christian Bottome says:

theres something i don't understand: what happens if you buy a countries bond a the country goes default on year lets say 2016 but bond mature at year 2020 and the country recovers from default by that time will the country pay the loan or since it went on default on the period from when you bought the bonds to age of maturity then it won't pay ? im liking the Venezuela bonds 

danottob says:

Thank you Mr.Khan, your videos are the primary reason why I am surviving college

tiestofalljays says:

The name is Bond, James Bond.

Siti Ibrahim says:

Hi, what sort of a gadget did you use to produce a video like this? Is it some sort of a writing tool? says:

Great video. If you want to actually use Bond analytics for pricing Bonds, or learning how to use bond analytics, see Freemium web app.

Richaun Facey says:

you are a very good teacher, made this very simple to understand.

Dheerendra Mehar says:

thank you,very well explained

David Trinh says:

the best clearest video out there. most introduction videos dont even tell you how much you receive as the holder of the bond and just segue into a flurry of complicated information. more videos need to take it step by step like this and explain exactly how each entity of the party makes money and the reasons behind it. well done

carnevil09 says:

You the man!

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