Introduction to Option Trading – Part 1 (Tamil)

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In this Episode of Trading Tutorials Mr. Kishore Kumar is going to explain about the Option Trading – Part 1.

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Praveen Tcs says:

Really awesome and usefully sir

Learn Everything says:

Sir tell about Binary trading and Binary trading apps like olymptrade and iron trade

Shaha Nith says:

Could you tell me about online trading apps like OLYMPTRADE and irontrade?
They are fake or real ?(money making apps)

Fathima S says:

Very clear explanation..thankyuu . expecting more videos sir..


Can you explain difference between future and forward ?

virtual mypc says:

Very clear explanation. Can you take forex trading classes

aafreen jamal says:

Nice! Thanks for ur explanation

Abdulmuthalif Muthalif says:

Very super thank you

Raman M.R says:

Very clear explanation.
Can a call be created and closed on the same day

Vignesh Lali says:

Nicely articulated. I wanna join your class. Was the whole class taken by you ?

School Kid says:

Paah! Sema explanation

MANO RAJ says:

Online courses available ah

Naik Shilpa says:

Thank you so much

GIRI SH says:

Hi sir intha share market la yaru venalum investment pannalama na 9th st than na pannalama sollunga

sheik adam shah says:

Put is not understood

Suresh S says:

Thanks for this Video. The video quality is good. Very clear explanation. The way you explain is also very interesting.

Top Famous says:

Good explanation.. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Nithish M says:

Very good explanation sir may i know any New classes

salimbsc says:

Well Explained man. Thanks for making such video !!

Mithulesh Senthil Kumar says:

My friend had suggested to me this channel . This is really awesome sir and useful for mainly commerce students.

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