Invest Now or Wait for Another Crash in the Stock Market? U.S. Economic Indicator Analysis

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Unique Economic Indicators:
Intel Analysis:

Many Economic Indicators are starting to turn around and hopefully this will lead to a stronger economy. We use our analysis of economic indicators to try to determine if we should invest now or wait for a crash.

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Charlotte Bingham says:

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andrew cucina says:

If you spend 14 minutes on economics you’ve wasted 12 minutes

Rogerinho Da Silva says:

Unemployment rate is at its historical max, GDP is at its historical min, yet there are still people who think that it is impossible for a market crash to occur. You clearly can't expect that foreign investors will jump in and start investing, because the whole WORLD was on a lockdown and everybody is pretty much broke. My prediction: in about 6-9 months, the market will start falling for the next 3-5 years. Mark my words, the market will fall and this fall will make the March "crash" look like a baby's baby…

Steel Power says:

I'm not even hear to watch, I'm here to tell you not to try to time the market.

Gerrard Sylvester says:

I know a lot of people have a lot to say about a recession or a depression. but do you know how many years it's been since we started hearing about it? over 10 good years and still here we are. In just 4 months my portfolio has grown by $350k in raw profits, all this while a recession is "imminent". got me wondering if imminent has two meanings to it. do not give in to your fears people.

Isabella Williams says:

I made my first huge profit investing in stock as a newbie, the broker whom i invested with is Mr Jerry Ferdinand, we met at a trading conference and he accepted to trade for me. Ever since, I keep making huge profits with him as my broker

Ludgar Marcus says:

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

Karen Lennert says:

I got laughed at when I started trading. I was burnt out, needed a change, but wasn't expecting to be laughed out of the office when I mentioned my interest in investing in the financial market. Well, a few years later and $5.3 million in savings, I'm the one laughing now. Friends want to know exactly what my strategy is 😂😭

Bubba Blackmon says:

Jimmy I always enjoy your videos and I agree with 90 % of what you said in this one. However, I think calling the Feds actions neutral is a mistake. Their has has been a strong correlation between the size of their balance sheet and stock prices. I believe the quantitative easing and money printing is the main reason we are at today's levels. They are probably the most bullish factor of all.

winter32842 says:

This video is wrong because the stock market is not the economy. Stock market just like all other assets depends on supply and demand. Due to government stimulus package, trillions of extra cash flooded the market and a lot money going to the stock market.

Susil Gurung dfm says:

You are late already…😁

arj. says:

I'm relieved at how honest you are. You didnt say there would be a crash, obviously but at least you know it's possible.

The people saying its 100% not going to happen are delusional.

Andrew Au says:

The Fed action is worth 10 green check marks.

Wolframio says:

Don't you think that the FED is going to do whatever it takes to keep the stockmarket as high as possible?? At least until the US elections take place.

MrTragic11 says:

These indicators remind me so much of multi factor APT models! Did you use those often in your CFA journey??

NippleSalt says:

Why have you not invested into intel then?

Cory Beyer says:

That was a great video. Thank you!


Dear Jimmy: I love your videos for their insight and well researched summaries. BUT this was AMAZING! Well done and well thought out. Adding the Federal Reserve into the equation is a great idea. I will always be a fan cause of your professionalism. – Your friend – Leo

Craig Cothren says:


Nails22 says:

Best channel, no BS, no click bait, all honesty, great graphs, he knows what he’s talking about and shows things other channels don’t!

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