Investing in 3 A+ Penny Stocks | Top penny stocks NOW

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Top penny stocks October 2020. These are the top 3 penny stocks now! Kevin breaks down 3 penny stocks he’s investing in. He narrowed his search down to a sector that has been getting attention, and is HOT. He wants to be positioned in these three penny stocks before they take off. Kevin breaks down his best 3 penny stock investments right now from a business model, technical analysis, and fundamental perspective. 

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Melissa RPBA says:

Hi Kevin what do you think about hylion today? I got in at 28.53 today. Do you think it will go up tomorrow?

Kiss MyAss says:

Kev, find me more nuggets brother. I love it. You rock.

John L says:

Kev, I am going to call you Crystal ball Kev. Fantastic work yet again.

Tony Sun says:

I have plug. Today the stock had a pullback i guess.

Jose Lozano says:

JE is currently at $6.50 does anyone actually think it will go up to $10
Hopefully I invested $1,000

Jose Lozano says:

Made $100 off JE

Phineas Fazel says:

Just energy's financials are not so strong though

Abdelrahman Dafalla says:

Why don't you suggest some popular penny stock which I can find in my broker app 👎

Merit Erick says:

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping and the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not inverting like the rich

Adam Man says:

JE to go to $10+ today

Marko Liikanen says:

Next GREEN POWER hype "penny stocks": Savosolar Oyj (SAVOH.HE), Valoe Oyj (VALOE.HE) outside: Componenta Corporation (CTH1V.HE)
read, learn & buy

Tony Tyssens says:

Thanks kevin! your the best bruh 👍😎 only channel I look forward to watching. Lol god bless you 😀

David says:

How can I join the chat room?

That Flyin Ryan - Drone Videos says:

My guy pulls out PLUG 🔌🔌🔌 keep up the work man going in VVPR in the next few hours ! Looking to get in 14.20 to 14.50

Kevin Koshi says:

Gopro was good i bought 1000 shares the last time

Albert Jimenez says:

I really enjoy your videos great work! my post alert is on

Willie Ferguson says:

I like the JE play, seems legit!

Alice Zhou says:

Very good info! Thoughts on DARE?

Lou Atlas says:

I'm in at $8 on PLUG. Do you think this stock can be a longterm hold?

mikedok1 says:

These videos do have value. You are the Mac Daddy of pull backs

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