IQ Option – Binary Options Using Martingale Trading Strategy

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How to earn $200 a day in the comfort of your home?
I earn with binary options, namely with IqOption broker. Why IqOption? Because it has the highest rates for transactions, i.e. IqOption has up to 92% payments per one deal!
I also find it very convenient because they withdraw money within 3 days, but in fact it’s much more quickly – three days are given taking weekends into account.
I use a Martingale strategy! What is the Martingale strategy? You place a bet, you lost – your next bet doubles. But this strategy does not quite fit binary options, so I upgraded it a bit. In my strategy, I bet a completely different sums and each time in the opposite direction. Why is that? Because if there is a long-term trend, we won’t be able to win the position, so we need to play in the opposite directions.
This is how it works.
We bet $1, for example, for a fall, and if suddenly our position does not win, the next $3 we bet for a rise already. If the position wins, we still bet for a rise, but $1. If we lost $3, we bet $8 and so on. The table of bets is shows in the corner of the screen.
So, we have bet $1 for a fall, and it won.
Now we need to bet $1 for a rise.
The Martingale strategy has never failed me, and I have never reached the 7th bet, i.e. I never had to bet $191. Therefore, I’m 100% confident in my strategy!
You don’t have to be a genius or have any economic education to understand how it works.
So, we bet $1 for a rise, and now we wait for this position to close.
We won again. Actually, I want to show you the loss.
But now we bet $1 for a fall again and wait for the result.
Before, I worked at the factory for 10 hours a day and got paid peanuts. But after I knew about Iq Option and binary options, I finally quit the factory and I do not regret it.
My friends were shocked when they learned that I quit and went travelling; everyone wanted to know how I make my living. I didn’t conceal it from my friends, and some of them also began to earn good money with IQ Option.
Here at last we lost the first bet, and now we need to bet $3 in the opposite direction.
A friend of mine still has a job, but he downloaded an app on his phone and is quite successfully trading in his spare time, for example while in traffic jams.
Our $3 bet lost and this is even good, because I am sure that we have to win the next bet! Now we bet for a fall in the opposite direction and wait for the results of the next bet, but now we have bet $8. Why do we bet $8? To win back our previous losses. So it turns out that we earn about $1 per minute.
I earn from $200 to $500 a day!
And now our bet won. We return to the $1 bet and place it in the opposite direction, i.e. for a rise.
If something is not clear to you, you can follow the link in the description or visit the website that you see in the video, you can find my contacts there, ask me any question and get the relevant bonuses from me.
Our bet loses again and we now need to bet $3 in the opposite direction, i.e. for a fall.
IqOption often arranges promotions and provides a variety of bonuses for both beginners and regular brokers. Sign on the link in the description and track the promotions!
We have got our $3 back is now we again bet $1 for a rise. Actually, I kill the clock only because I want to show you a protracted series of losses, demonstrate how to behave in a given situation. The most important thing in my strategy is not to panic and not to deviate from the strategy, do everything clearly and without emotion.
We won the previous bet, and now we bet $1 for a fall. I hope we will lose now and I can show you a series.
In the near future, I am going to raise my initial bet to $10 – now I bet $1, but I want to start with $10, thus earning ten times more. I’m 100% confident in my strategy, and if you have any doubts, you can simply register a demo account and try trading using this strategy – you will be surprised how easy it is!
Now I will have to fast forward the video not to waste your time and show you how everything happens: just watch the video.
You could see that we lost 3 bets in a row, and I placed the 4th bet of $18: now if we win, we get all our money back, plus our profits.
The most important thing in binary options is a cool head and rigorous calculation. No matter how absurd a bet is, you must place it and stick to the strategy.
My strategy is very lucid and revealing: if you still have any questions, my contacts are on the site referenced in the description. To dispel any doubts, I will show you the history of payouts from Iq Option. I earn about $200 to $500 a day – it depends on how much time I work. I withdraw money to Skrill payment system. I keep about this amount in the account, and it is basically enough for trading on Iq Option.
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Rajendra Rs says:

Dear there is no doubt that this strategy providing good results, but there are some certain conditions, I tested it on eur/usd as per your suggestions, I need your help…..Please suggest correct market timing for eur/usd for better result. is there any market volume needed for it. …….apart from that if 5 to 6 trade continuously negative then please suggest how can manage it…….. your suggestions are valuable for all

Dustin Oxenbury says:

ok. I have tried this and it works very well however i am not sure if im doing it a 100 percent correctly. For example I bet 1 on the fall, I lose. I bet 3 on the rise, I lose. I bet 8 on the fall, I lose. I bet 18 on the rise, I lose. I bet 40 on the fall, I win. Then I was starting again at 1 on the fall rather than switching to the rise like suggested in the video. If this is correct and someone here knows for sure let me know. You do need to have a bank roll of 191 minimum however ive only been to the 5th bet so far. gets a bit scary however so far so good.

Arnaud Vergotte says:

When do you trade?

Horacio Cuevas says:

Thank you for this video, it really helps. i have an account already, but know what strategy i must follow, i really appreciate it.

Gerilene Mereb says:

Is this legit?

joseph Micheal says:

this is great, but this method is very tedious. I would only recommend for small time players.

Wayne Kingiston says:

I cannot see the link for subscription! Can you please send it to me? I would like to subscribe as i see this video is very interesting!

Timothy Devitt says:

do we have to go put to call everytime even if we can see an obvious trend that goes against the direction of our call.

Kasper K says:

I'm trying it on demo – worked fine so far. Might try it for real soon ;-)

Revanth Boom Boom says:

it works, i've tried it, but i made some beginners mistakes, i keep deviating from the strategy which made me lose money, going to try again strictly following the strategy, and will comment again, if you want a good advice, just follow the strategy even if all 4 bets were failures, stick to the strategy and you will almost surely win in the 5th call/put.

George Chishios says:


I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your strategy with us for FREE.. Thanks !

Saad Siddique says:

Please contact me. I have used your strategy, it goes both ways (I had to bet even for 8th time twice! Mostly it goes up to 4th or 5th time). As you are actually doing good, I was hoping if we can chat some where and discuss further about it?


Samir Bodden says:

hey bro do u hv a facebook or something to contact u please

javel and ashley Davidson says:

wow it really works thank you i made 60usd in 1 hour that 6000+ jamaican dollars

daniel florin Rosu says:

adn if you catch 1 down 1 up and you put all reverse ? wich hours is the best to use this strategy ?

Chaos Impala says:

Is there any particular timing on when to place the next bet when using this strategy? For instance, if I can clearly see that I'm going to lose my $1 bet in the next 4 seconds, do I start placing my $3 bet? Or do I wait for the $1 position to close first?

Chaos Impala says:

Is there any set of numbers I can follow starting from 2??

Bob Grama says:

The link or name of the music at 5:40

anyone help?

John Patrick Gilbuena says:

What do i need to do when for example at the middle the result was a tie… For example my bet is already $40 the result was a tie.. Am i going the same direction or opposite direction? And also what value should i bet? Is the same amount?

Kenny J says:

How about if we start with $10 deposit ? I want to see that strategy work or not … Dare to take some challenge ?

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