IQ Option Live Trades Starting With Only $10

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Abdullah Haider says:

wooow but its riskey….

Marcus Jacob says:

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Jacob Miles says:

Hello friends
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Fletcher Jones says:

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Fletcher Jones says:

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Shirley Graves says:

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Guilherme Coelho dos Santos says:

how do you make a 93% profit if the price doesnt go down 93%? i cant understand…

hasnain sajid says:

send me video deposit soultion

Katie Tutorials says:

For best trading its take time to come with good strategy, for more info and guidance feel free to write me, and let see on how we can recover all your lost, you can write me via whatsapp +12348158423, and be careful there so many many scammers, so be very careful

Lehlogonol Jento says:


Chester Marcaida says:

how can i withdraw my profits

Mark Burton says:

"Up You Option" There's no Heat Map… Where are the Candles or Bars?!

vk hood says:

bro dont beleive in him he is a scammer if u need any help about iq option contact me +919042999089

Aaron Fernhout says:

If you are experienced but think you may just need that push or guidance to get you to the next level or you are a complete beginner, you will not go wrong trading with Mr Martin. Email

Flow Beast says:

I lost my all 10 dollar

High Star Entertainment Tv says:

Hello brother your video is wonderful. But please how to set the countdown 30 seconds time

Linda Wilkerson says:

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zbLoodlust087 says:

This guy just going off feeling? Lmao

amanda reyes says:

I strongly advice anyone who want to profit massively from trading and investing to contact the best investor and account manager in the business and win more than you lose.

Hannah Bradley says:

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