IQ Option – Super fast! $460 grew to $2600 in 10 Minutes!

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“Try it for yourself! Free demo included:”
11 consecutive wins without a loss consists 18 turbo trades in mere 10 minutes!
IQ Option binary options trading demo by Ryo Kawasaki. Background music is from his 2011 album “Live in Beirut”, song “Maiden Voyage” written by Herbie Hancock.

Binary options short options (30 sec to 2 minutes) effective strategy. As for video short 10-20 minutes clips to demonstrate how it works is very limited, However, below is some tips how it may work for you.

* First of all, you cannot generate consistent wins on all charts all day and night no matter how good you became at it because you need at least 4:1 and ideally 5:1 win/loss ratio in order to win and 3:2 would barely allows you to maintain your balance. There are only fractions of daily chart may give you opportunities to continually win from 5 to 30 times in a row within limited window of time between 5 to max 30 minutes at a time. Therefore the most important strategy is to develop your pattern recognition what kind of charts always give opportunity to win one after another. These charts will show up at least few to several occasions everyday lasts for 10-30 minutes at a time. Also always check 1 hour chart to grasp the general trend of day and week, best trading opportunity is when either currency pair is steeply rising or falling for long period of time such as lasting for few days. If the current trend is flat or even, then it is wise to use reversal points/signals to trade only for the reversal direction. One hour chart is not available on IQ charts so you may monitor it using 24option, Netdania etc.

1) Use 30 sec candlestick chart with bollinger bands with default settings as very basic indicator while you can change to 5 sec candlestick during slow movement period such as right after midnight GMT, however you may expect quite erratic movements to follow correctly using 5 sec candlestick chart.
2) Financial chart (candlestick chart) behaves completely different tempo and rhythm could be called cycle depends on time of the day, so please familiarize yourself for all different behaviors first so that you can switch different strategies back and forth swiftly once you noticed the change in patterns.
3) Do not trade while candlesticks movements are erratic and jumpy changing it’s direction back and forth during each 30 seconds period, in this case, normally candles sticks would have long wicks on each of them instead of solid & steady long sticks or also avoid the chart has very little movements (very short sticks of few to several pips each.
4) Discover your favorite and reliable type of chart movements and only trade during these movements. My favorite movements are staircase like long continues ascending or descending movements that last for few to over several minutes or even much longer then it is very easy to capitalize during these movements by keep trading to the same direction every minute until reversal occurs. Or if bollinger bands are horizontally sideways without any angle, it is very likely once the candle stick reach(touch) the upper or lower band that it will be reversed at least for the next 60 seconds. If the candle stick penetrates either band strongly and then grows more than twice outside of bollinger bands, it is a signal that it will keep growing to the original direction for at least the next few minutes becoming above staircase type growth which will become new trend or reversed trend from that point on because it exceeded the recent average prices.
5) Middle bollinger band also works as reversal resistance if the candlestick does not have enough power to penetrate it at once, it will be bounced back to the previous side of the channel.
6) Strive for not losing more than two times in a row, and if it happens do not try to recover right after but wait until very reliable signal that you can win to recover.
7) It is very important to win at least 5 to 10 times in a row without any loss, my best record was winning 25 times in a row so far and it is very much realistically attainable if you’re focused and synchronized with the rhythm of chart movements.
8) If you won over 500% to 1000% of original balance ($100 deposit became $500 – $1000 for instance), do not continue for that time of the day that would result in over trading prone to quick losses. It is wise to cash out the profit 400% – 900% at that time and start all over from the original balance of 100% for the next session.
9) Be careful with nesting many positions to the same direction, because once direction is reversed unexpectedly, you will lose all of them at once to the point of no return.
10) Default tick chart is also very useful with bollinger bands to determine the peak position to go for reversal once position is exceeded either bands by the tick movements within inside of 30 seconds bollinger bands.


sarshadelight says:

I have used this before and it does work, I had deposited only $10, 3 hours later I made $4562 when withdrawing money I would not recommend using skill as I personally had any problems withdrawing from skrill to my bank account. the best option is to withdraw it directly I no your account, all you need is your Banks swift number, bsb and account number. it usually takes 3 to 4 business days to arrive into your account.

eddy199222 says:

This is the demo account

Benjamin Agyemang says:

Martingale Strategy As Applied To Binary Options Trading

Berra Marwane says:

HI , please i want to deposit i can do it ,

Bas C says:

Lucky Trader

javi black says:

a mi no me funciona la nueva versión ¿tu tienes problemas?

Nada N says:

Hi friend can u inbox me the sitting for the indicator please appreciate your help in advance .

triton Vilst says:

living in Dominican Republic can someone trade too?
can i still use my visa card?
is ti possible to withdraw to my visa card ??

Wma Ho says:

Hi Ryo, am very impressed by ur demonstration. pls i heard u say u cut or stopped the trade mid way into the reversal. i guess its to reduce or stop any loss. how is that done. Eddie

Corado RIOUX says:

Félicitation! Tu connait le Métier de Trader. IQ est ma plateforme préféré.

siguetuspies says:

Has en real, cualquiera gana en demo, en real hay emociones que nos perfudican ahi deberias mostrar tu conocimiento

KeShawn Stanford says:

which platform is this?

Federico “The White Rabbit” Verdicchio says:

I just discovered this and my knowledge of binary options it's almost nothing so this questions might sound really stupid.
How can you win on every prediction you make?

ry beck says:

its demo ! pls guys

jrweight says:

Pity you did not use a live trading account for this demonstration! I wonder what your emotions would be like when trading live.

Sadboy Zafar says:


How can i contact you kindly provide the your skype id ASap

vine 2016 says:

it is not a scam it paid for real

Peter Rim says:


Mark Sherwood says:

another demo account lame

Michael Cabrera says:

sir can u tech me how to fine the candle stick. cause i never see it in the setting.

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