Iron Condor Options Strategy – Best Explanation

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The Iron Condor… Don’t let the name intimidate you. It’s actually pretty simple and is one of the most powerful option strategies that exists.

The strategy consists of a short call and put, and also a long call and put as protection to limit our risk. This way, we are able to sell option premium even with a small account and with very little risk.

Watch this video to learn how to trade the Iron Condor to make a low-risk non-directional trade that allows you to collect option time decay and also capitalize on high Implied Volatility.

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Adam Thomas
Sky View Trading

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Evan Vink says:

I really appreciate all the help! This is my fourth time watching this video and i learn something each time.


Evan Vink says:

What happens if the price falls in between 90 and 85? Say 87$. So now your 90 is now otm and the 85$ you sold is itm. What happens then?

M Weissmann says:

Is the profit or loss on the iron Condor calculated at the expiration date ?

Abdulla Al Qassab says:

how can i apply this on forex

letrevisdnathan says:

Hey Sky, do I you sell the contract the day before expiration or do you let it expire for my iron condors if its in the money the week of?

Wilson Elias says:

why did you picked 13% in the money ? is it because you will be 87% out of the money?

Glaizers Union Local 740 says:

sharebuilder doesnt let me just click on iron i know you using td but can i enter each individually because it will still occur same commissions right i haven't traded this but want to make sure i have it down thanks for all the help best videos yet.

Stanley Fonseca says:

Tom, what if it closes between 60-65 or 85-90? Would you break even?

MC230 says:

What Trading platform is the best?

jgfunk says:

Great lesson! I have a question. If the strike price moves itm for either buy, then it's it necessary to sell it at that point to protect the sells?

John D says:

Very informative video. Thanks!

ZBdude149 says:

Very well explained!

jay inka says:

so you have to wait 30 days to earn a profit in options? can we daytrade options? I'm new and confused.

B. Baker says:

Finally one I can understand. Thanks so much for sharing!

Markus BangBoy says:


guitarwinds says:

Don't you need to keep adjusting the iron condor throughout the life or the trade gets thrown off somehow? I know there are adjustments you need to monitor to stay like Delta neutral or something, don't those throw off your max loss if you don't stay neutral?

Travis R says:

I love your videos, they just make sense to me. Unlike others.

mahetab khan says:

sir jee ur awesome

Jobin Jose says:

I Know this :)

David Lero says:

You should go over laddering covered calls as a way to generate an income stream. Buy 300 shares of XYZ, sell the 30 delta call, then move one month further out and one strike further OTM, then one more month out and more strike even further OTM. i.e. sell the Aug 13 call, the Sep 14 call and the Oct 15 call.

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