Is a 5 Minute Chart in Forex a Good Timeframe to Trade? 🙄

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How to Trade 5 Minute Charts. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Is a 5 Minute Chart in Forex a Good Timeframe to Trade? For me I like 5-minute charts. Now if you’re swing trading, 5-minute charts are probably too low for you; you’ll need 15 minute, hourly, daily charts and above. The good thing about 5 minute charts is that you can generally fit a couple of days worth of trades into your window which to me is the key aspect for picking a timeframe. It is not a case of whether you’re getting multiple signals; its a case of putting things into perspective in relation to what you’re doing. So in this chart we’ve got the GBP/JPY…


Guillaume Besner says:

1 min is my chart, lots of trade to take … for my robot

ma.theresa sarmiento says:

Exactly. This is my comfort zone time frame.

dominic Davimes says:

Top down analysis from daily (occasionally monthly), to h4 to hourly, within which I cut up segments of space to trade in, mostly done on the 5 minute and sometimes 15 min chart as well. Mostly intra-day, so 5 minute is my go to.
Nice vid 🙂

Solos says:

Nice Ty 😉

Kuziai says:

Price is price and price is fractal. That means that from 1minute to 1month chart it's all the same, just don't get lost in the main trend trading on lower charts

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