Is a May 2020 Stock Market Crash Coming!? Probably

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Today we talk about the state of the stock market and if a stock market crash is coming in May 2020 or the summer in general… The stock market keeps going up the past 6-7 weeks. A stock crash is due to happen again as valuations have gotten way stretched… The economic numbers are likely to be bad for a while… We need another stock market crash to be quite frank… This is a recession that will take years to get over fully..

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Robert Baird says:

It depends on the lemmings & if they panic! I once watched an options guru say: "When the lemmings panics its time to buy at a discount then do covered calls until you have free stock!"

Michael says:

I am wondering what is UR opinion regarding warren buffett speech?

isettech says:

Here are the hard facts he missed entirely about dividend stocks. If a stock pays a dividend of $20 and the price of the stock is $2,000 the Yield is 1% Not a great return, I'll pass on Amazon.
On the other hand WES on April 1 sold at $3.11. The quarterly divided for the first quarter of 2020 is 31.1 cents a share or exactly 10% return per quarter on the invested cost. That is 40% return in dividends per year.
For comparison for May 2.
PE Ratio (TTM) 109.19
EPS (TTM) 20.94
Earnings Date Jul 23, 2020 – Jul 27, 2020
Forward Dividend & Yield N/A (N/A)
Ex-Dividend Date N/A

PE Ratio (TTM) 5.21
EPS (TTM) 1.59
Earnings Date May 05, 2020
Forward Dividend & Yield 1.24 (14.32%)

Question?? do you want a portion of the $20 per share earnings of amazon at a cost of 2,286 per share or do you want 31.1 cents per share of stock that cost $8.52 per share. This is today's numbers May 3. Less than 1% annually or 14% annually, your choice. Don't buy overvalued stock. It may adjust while returning low percent returns on the purchase price. If you gave me a share of Amazon today, I would sell it tomorrow and by MPLX tomorrow to trade 1 share of less than 1% dividends for 446 shares of 15% dividends on the same $2,286
PE Ratio (TTM) 17.85
EPS (TTM) 1.00
Earnings Date May 05, 2020
Forward Dividend & Yield 2.75 (15.19%)

Mireille Lebeau says:

Every penguin in Antarctica: Jobless

Jake Deutsch says:

Do you think Nikola motors is worth investing in? It will go public with a reverse merger with VTIQ.


Can you share a excel template for tracking investments and returns? Thanks in advance!

Timo jissink says:

4:38 good to know that you included Antarctica

Cody Balram says:

Hi, should I invest now in the market or wait?

Joey J says:

Lets not forget that this is the same dude who told you to incest in NAT

zWzOzWz says:

while the stock market crashes apollo coin will make many millions for people

Jason m says:

No way dude. First speaking for myself, I'm going right back to normal when the economy opens back up. 2nd, unemployment is being artificially inflated. Right now people are making MORE money collecting unemployment than working and that's why the numbers are so high. Once that is no longer the case people will go back to work and unemployment rates will drop dramatically. I'm not saying the market will immediately rebound, alot of that will have to do with what happens in November, but if the current president stays in office the economy will only experience a temporary low.

user1313131 says:

Jeremy, I want stock prices to drop too, so I feel like I'm on the same page there… But, why (explain) unemployment rates won't quickly fix when they dropped quickly? The same job that was "lost" is just on hold until we are allowed to start walking out of our homes and into businesses. Business want desperately to make money, and a workforce goes back to work. All negative factors are temporary, and investors are bullish and no one cares about the financials. We're just going to have to get used to the idea that P/E ratios are just going to go up and up an up for years to come. No one cares about investing fundamentals if the US Government doesn't care about its own debt.
That being said, I don't have the guts to put a dollar in the stock market out of fear of a drop.

David Martin says:

Love the videos but wish he had a better mic 🎤

Superman Cody says:

Regardless of the current market situation, an investor I listened to on a podcast interview mentioned making over $687,000 in 5months with an investment of roughly

$120,000, and as a beginner I would really appreciate any tips or guidelines on how to make good profit.

Michael Craig says:

LMFAO you have no crystal ball

scott lenz says:

Can you make a video explaining all the elements you look at on the balance sheet of companies? It would really help out thanks.

Cian Besler-Chalcroft says:

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MarketOracleTV says:

This is the problem with the youtube algorithm, it promotes content of those who neveer saw the crash coming, instead belatedly jump onm board the bandwaggon …. 11th Feb – CoronaVirus Pandemic Could Trigger a Stocks Bear Market 2020

Arthur Salazar says:

I think you are wrong. You are assuming the worst. When they clear the Casinos en Vegas to open, people will arrive in Vegas in Airplanes. The same with restaurants, same in the beaches, parks, jobs will open over night. The economy is not in the tank, it is in shot down.

Rashid Max says:

If everybody predicting crash then it will rally. we are not in investing market we in Gambling casino.
didnt you guys realized it

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