Is A New Bitcoin Rally Forming? Is Bitcoin Headed Lower?

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Bitcoin has started an uptrend recently, clawing its way back above $4,000. In this video we’ll discuss whether Bitcoin will hold above $4,000 and continue moving upwards, or if a new, bearish movement is coming for Bitcoin.

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Vic Gg says:

Bitcoin is going to $2500 80%.Guys huge sell off are coming in December.However,by the last week of January 2019.Bitcoin will recover and will reach all time high.It’s according to the secret source

Scott Wade says:

Hi Jebb. I was re-evaluating the BTC permanent bottom contenders and think that 3600 USDT is most likely the bottom. Hear me out. Bitfinex and Binance have much higher trading volume than Coinbase and Bitstamp and they therefor lead the market because price differences between these 4 exchanges get gobbled up by arbitrage. So USDT on Bitfinex is the best chart to use for TA.
Using volume profile, 3600 is towards the bottom end of a high volume cluster with the high volume node being at around 4300 USDT. Furtherly, in August and September 2017, 3600 acted as strong support for 4 weeks, clearly visible on the weekly chart with only wicks extending lower than 3600.
It seems very likely to me that if we break down through 3600, we are heading to 3000 (previous support and resistance) or 2750 (a high volume node). In conclusion, its most likely that 3600 usdt was the bottom. Second choice is 1 day to 3000 and then straight back up to over 3600. third choice is we go to 2750 and then linger there for a while (week) for accumulation.

chrisiden says:

GREAT Video Jeb 🙂 Good work! <3

Tobias Stroek says:

Please, I’m not here to hear your oppinion on going bullish or bearish. I feel every video should be about showing both possibilities!
This is (and should not be) an exception.
You are showing both sides and everybody should learn both sides.
So keep up the good work!
I would love more nuteral videos!

SoxXxOwnsU says:

FYI people it took bitcoin about 410 days to reach its bottom in 2014, right now it's been 348 days since we were at 20k. Just saying, we are near the end of this, it still might be a whole more year before we even get above 6 or 7k but we will see more upward movement than downward movement soon.

twinkstance says:

hey u got a new microphone?! sounding sweet man! i like it! I'm 5x Long @ 4200 entry now. i think we go higher :). That 6400 to 3800 drop can't be done without corrections.

Reeces Pieces says:

As for the lower price action on the top 10 I’m starting to wonder if it’s about to rearrange itself with top 20. Who knows now days with this crazy volatility

Joop Leit says:

where is youtube going?

Reeces Pieces says:

I see a rising wedge on the smaller time frames. Breakout above target 4600-5000 below will be 3000 maybe 2600

Jeb Shookman says:

And obviously, love the name 🙂

R James says:

Still time for Tom Lee’s last BTC $10,000 eoy prediction to come true ?

rtcmanga says:

You rise the price on Thursday? But it's still Cyber Monday week!!! 😛

Rabie Alkamouchi says:

Blody nex week 2500doller bitcoin bodem 1300doller 1500doller bitcoin

Philson says:

Scored a nice trade on ZEC Coinbase listing. Gonna be playing it more in the days to come.

Joe B says:

You lost me when you said 2500-3500 bottom. If we break 2900 we re going below 2500. Come on jebb… 😛

The TechGeek says:

Great TA and great work. Even if we're not at the bottom, I'll be picking more up in the morning and over the weekend. I would like my average to be around 5k. 4k even better

D-Tox says:

I opened my mouth to say I disliked last video so I'll make sure to say that this video is great!! Love it Jebb ; informative and analysis that is as objective as possible?? Keep it up!

marky gilbert says:

3k the bottom ben saying that since February

TheDude0fLife says:

The consensus seems to be that the bottom is not in yet by a long shot. So many people would rather wait to buy significantly lower with less risk, high reward or cautiously trade the small swings in the meantime, than to risk getting rekt going all in now in the hopes that the consensus is wrong and we've already bottomed.

R C says:

yeah, once this Deutsche Bank FUD hits things will change real quick, wait the head is coming.

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