Is a Stock Market Crash Imminent? A Look at the Technical Picture.

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In this video I cover the technical picture for the FT-100 (Footsie), the S & P 500, sterling, gold, silver and bitcoin.

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I invested a 6 figure sum in AG (First Majestic) last week. I normally do not hold over the weekend….but this weekend only comes once every 4 years 😉 ……I expect fear, confusion, and uncertainty Monday……a Trump win Tuesday…..and an explosion in precious metals prices for the rest of the week. If Hillary Clinton wins….I doubt much will change, because the market has already priced her in. A Hillary Clinton win might cost me 10-15% at most with a stop already in place. I was trying to decide between AG, JNUG, and USLV…..However, JNUG and USLV are 3x leveraged ETF's and I do not feel comfortable holding that type of a security for several days. Plus….theres always a very small chance of a Hillary victory.


All hell is about to break loose……Hillary likely just lost the election. All of this just came out on Wikileaks new hacked emails……Google Podesta (Hillary Clinton chairman) pedophile pool party, NYPD closing in on Clinton Foundation pedophile ring (Pictures of the children with blacked out sections now appearing on mainstream alternative media sites), SPIRITUAL COOKING video (Event top Clinton foundation/campaign members accepted invitations too that involved child abuse), Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein connection (mass child sex trafficker that funds Hillary Clintons campaign). Also, Anonymous has alluded to (with pictures of the video) dropping the Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epsteins pedophile island video on NOVEMBER 5th. There is so many damaging emails coming out it is reaching insane levels. The NYPD is preparing to make arrests. I expect an announcement from a law enforcement agency by Monday. This is getting so bad….and so much information is coming out….that the Clinton Foundation is now being forced to respond to several accusations. The Clinton Campaign/Foundation stated recently that people within the Clinton Campaign/Foundation are not attending Satanic rituals. The dam is literally breaking….and the water is gushing through. The ONLY reason the Clinton Campaign/Foundation would respond to ANYTHING like that is if there was a link between the emails and people within that group to something disturbing. I'm calling it right now…..I predict a Trump win on Tuesday by a landslide…too much damage has been done to Hillary Clinton. The elites do not want to be pulled into investigations and I strongly suspect they will drop her. On the Democrat channel MSNBC I watched Chris Mathews destroy Hillary Clinton (he said a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for never ending wars) and they've NEVER attacked her before…..I've watched Democrat strategist Shumer un-endorse Clinton….and I've watched Hillary Clinton get attacked on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Even the Democrat channels are tearing her apart. I COULD BE WRONG…..but ALL of the signs are pointing to a Trump win…..AND AN INSANE WEEK IN THE MARKET! (starting Monday).

dan pritch says:

Trump rally coming. If the Donald wins, the market will rally on Wednesday. Right now the market is just digesting some uncertainty and is moderately weak. A Trump win could unshackle the market with the hope of lower taxes and pro business policies. An HRC win will cast a pall of doom and the U.S. will go banana republic a la Venezuela. One caveat, I'm usually wrong so don't pay me no nevermind.

Ebacherville says:

Did you notice the BTC chart at 688… that was cliffs number 688.. then 888

Mr. Magik says:

Another great video! I am thinking about experimenting with a little cash in bitcoin. Can you recomend a site where I could buy some bitcoin to get started? Also was is your opinion on bitmining? thanks!

Andrey Sevostyanov says:

The ICO of the first decentralized lottery started now on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. The platform offers tools for the launching of a proprietary, ready, international lotto.

rockytube says:

Appreciate your opinion on the S&P, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin. Is there any way you can add oil to the rundown?

Joost MIT says:

Maneco, are we talking days or weeks before a big drop?

simplelife233 says:

stock market will not crash so ling as the fed keeps printing

naresh panchal says:

guys you should go long for next two trading sessions i.e 7th & 8th nov. 2016. exit on 8th nov. 2016, & one can go short at the end of the trading session on 8th nov. SAVE THIS POST, REMEMBER.

Tiku Piku says:

if stock market crashes it will be propped up by central banks as they did after brexit.

NOW is ALL u HAVE says:

WIKILEAKS FINAL BOMBSHELL – Clinton Funded Child Abductors in Haiti

gogogo says:

The UK gov needs to vote to decide if the peoples vote counts.

jkbugout says:

The last day of the stock market is 12/02/16

Rob Abreu says:

Yes, if not just because it's been 8-9 years since the last one so we're over due for another down turn. But the Federal Reserves short sighted policy of NIRP will make this down turn especially bad because low interest rates have artificially propped up the stock market far more than it would naturally be, and you know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall. But we also have the extraordinary situation of a bond bubble alongside a stock market bubble. Both will probably pop at or around the same time. The two together will be far worse than 08/09. By silver/gold and say your payers.

Onyx says:

Deutsche bank coming back down into dangerous territory!

Anders Ørsted says:

Great video ?

Threek2d says:

Market has been due a drop for years, artificial pump up has kept it afloat!

Threek2d says:

Thanks M ! Keep Watch

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