Is Another Stock Market Crash Starting? – Market Minutes for June 29th

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There could be another wave to the stock market crash starting now as weakness late last week signals increased concern about a market crash. This week, I show you what to watch for to protect your capital and profit from another market correction. We also discuss the day trade of the week on CBLI and how I find these hot stocks early in their upward trend. Finally, I show you what ETFs to consider if you want to profit from a market crash.

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Mike Sampat says:

Great video, dude! So much knowledge. Loved it!

ron rambo says:

10 stocks held all the money for the last two months and drove them to crazy highs- guess what, you can't buy ferrari's with stock- you need cash

Kenneth Cappie says:

Great information, super clear, thank You!

hollapro says:

Yes market will crash because the second wave is game changer as market didn't price is it thanks to idiot Trump who downplayed this whole virus.

Ole JB says:

Coronavirus is exploding… if the markets dump how will that affect cryptocurrency?

Manny K says:

Great commentary……. thank you!

Christopher Downing says:

Harvest Season

Shaun says:

Hi, nice video! I have a couple questions… just about investing/trading in general.

I have looked up futures and options but i cannot quite grasp how they work or what they are exactly. Could you possibly explain?

Also, as seen in the SPX500 graph, there are loads of 'holes' in the graph. I know this is due to after hours trading, but how exactly does after hours trading work? Who trades after hours? Where and why?

Sorry if i'm asking for a lot!


Mario cruz says:

I think this is a ricovery in W, maybe down 2800-2900

Matteo Watteo says:

Fed has created yet another huge bubble. This time in equities. Free $$$$ gotta flow somewhere. This pop is gonna be apocalyptic. Don't get caught in the draft.

K A says:

Buy GPS guys.

Joyce Koch says:

Why is it that no matter what happens somebody has a name for the pattern
and what will happen next? I heard some crazy stuff lately like waterfall patters, butterflies,
grasshoppers and trampolines. Is Chartism the Palmistry of investing or it just getting
ridiculous as people keep adding to this financial Kabbalah?

Pragmaticno says:

SPY on daily and weekly looks like descending triangle and on monthly bull flag. Lots of support 295-300. 50 and 200 MA and 0.236 Fib.

Jacob John says:

Hi Tyler. Question about TVIX. June 22nd statement about delisting, it's going to OTC exchange early July.

Is this safe to trade despite this news? I've been holding for a little while and I am currently down a bit, exiting the position wouldn't feel good.

Cut losses and move to one of the vehicles you mentioned? Thank you.

Manvir Singh says:

How do i get the action Candle on my charts? Do i have to be a stockscores member or is it a pre programmed algo that detects movements and predicts it based off that?

Parker says:

I bought a bunch of stocks from Carnival, jetblue, Royal Caribbean, and American airlines. Was up $2500 now back down to almost break even.

Boubounette 101 says:

Your updates are simply fantastic

warmperson2007 says:

Very bearish shooting star on the monthly for the S&P… could be a signal for a very ugly month of july ?

Gilberto Leal says:

The lines drawn at 2:07 are exactly the same ones I drew 2 days ago before getting rid of my paper buy positions. Thanks Tyler for your lessons.

Topher Dowling says:

No more TVIX, though.

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