Is Bitcoin a safe bet?

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The digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin has tripled in value in the past three years. Will the boom only lead to a bigger bust?
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Defiro Media says:

When was the last time when you bought a pizza with a piece of gold??? It so easy to combat why bitcoin is stop being used as a currency… It is and will become a safe for rich, as gold was in the past, and in the near future a lot of other coins will be created on top of bitcoin supply. So, countries should hurry up to buy it and stick it into their ow reserves.

John Johnny says:

Password loss….thats a first

Mike Bell says:


MM Crpto says:

🇲🇾 $ +1-4-0-6-6-1-6-0-1-7-5

this algorithm sucks says:

Sure is. Turned my stimulus into $36,000!!! Got Bitcoin last April. Holding to a million

John Johnny says:

Im convinced all the grey beards are mad there old archaic system is going digital…..lmao old ppl smh

MM Crpto says:

W,rite to my manager to make huge profit in BTC. She’s managing my crypto portfolio, and making me huge gains in return.

benkeiaa kant says:

The issue that the guy from harvard refuses to acknowledge is that what he is describing is true for EVERY SINGLE CURRENCY not only bitcoin, The US dollar is exactly the same, Money Printers go Brrrrrrr by 40% of total printed US$ in 1 year, Is it a bubble ? Yes, Will it pop one day? Yes. All currency have gone up and then down in price, thats a story as old as human empires. The advantages Bit coin have over US$ are that they have set up rules for how they "print" new bitcoins. And everyone who understand how bitcoin works, agrees that this system is infinitely more reliable, than having 4 year term elected oficials voted in popularity contests, with no education requirement or credentials, decide when to devaluate the money all of the citizen of a country have spent their whole life aquiring.

Mohanned Halawani says:

Respect to Dan for containing himself not smashing the TV out of Vivek’s idiocy

Captain_Context says:

If crypto coins were really "money" then why doesn't Tesla already accept them as payment.

Deepak Thakur says:

See the thing is Vivek missed the boat and now he is regretting big time

Gui C. says:

Trust on Fiat money this is a safe bet

Omar Segura says:

How is it that a Taiwan company will be developing a new producer of radiotransmisores but not a company from U.S.A.

Omar Segura says:

Stop printing money and giving it to the rich

dexintoxique says:

Bit_coin, which has surged more than 55 per cent since the start of February, increased almost 3.5 per cent to a record high of $57,527 per coin on Saturday. After soaring almost 350 per cent in the past six months, its market value reached more than the $1 trillion mark on Friday. Ethéreum, the second-largest cryptocurréncy by markét capitalisation, hit a record $2,040.6, for a weekly gain of nearly 12 per cent, on Saturday. "That said, BTC & ETH do seem high lol," Mr Musk said in a tweet in response to a user who said gold was better than crypto and cash. while others still continue to tradë without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the páttérn with which you trádé and also the sourcé of your s!gnals. i would say tradiing has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 9.5BTC in just two weeks, with the trad!ing strátégy given to me by Mr Burwell Coleman. His méthods are top notch and profitáble. Give it a try guys. Burwell has a Téłégrám channel (@burwellcoleman) OR Gmâil (burwellcolemanfinance@gmailcom) for more insights.

Omar Segura says:

So many years to prove dollars to be a great money and now we know dollar will get demolished, too bad but corrupt is trying to rule , so get educated, ask me where!!

Omar Segura says:

Stupid people or paid people, maybe both, stupid and paid to agree

Omar Segura says:

Bitcoin will be the new money and I hope everyone in the other side don’t buy anything, so they know poverty

Omar Segura says:

How can you say the story of the dollar reflected on Bitcoin, wrong, you guys trash the dollar and now wants to blame Bitcoin, good lo luck with that

Omar Segura says:

Bitcoin will go up more because you don’t stop printing money, the expert are stupid if they think Bitcoin is compered to any fiat money

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