Is Gold About To Sell OFF This 2019 | Investing For Beginners

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zabir rana says:

Any one bought his courses any thought will be appropriate if

Oliver Schmitz says:

Great information, Thanks – proud to be part of LPP

The Internet Wolf says:

Like this if Ricky stays killing it!


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bimi397 says:

Bitcoin enthusiasts keep talking about charts, support levels, resistance, breakthroughs and all of that stuff just like they do with stocks too and call it the very respectable and fancy name (Technical Analysis) without most even knowing what these are and thats how they in turn give wrong analysis and lead people into even deeper financial trenches. Firstly, with stocks we do have actual real companies supplying actual real goods and services, and we can go and “kick the tyres” so to speak but cryptocurrency followers don’t have that. We’ve nothing but the charts, as there’s nothing tangible behind it and this makes analysis easily go wrong. Let’s cut through all of that. I am not anti-crypto as I make lots of money from crypto, not by hodling, but by day's a possibility that Bitcoin recovery can break through the $5,000-$6,000 levels again. If that happens, they say we could be in for another bull run. On the other hand, if it should fall through a line set arbitrarily at around $3,000-$3,200, then that’s the time to accept defeat and sell. If anyone has any Bitcoins, I say the time to trade is now, because you’re holding something of no underlying ability to store value whatsoever but also having the ability at the moment to turn in lots of profit. Today’s centralized currencies and payments systems are actually quite efficient, and they have that essential characteristic that Bitcoin can never have which is stability hence the risk in hodling. I personally even though i am quite knowledgeable in crypto, i am not an aficionado and i still depend heavily of the strategies and signals developed by Harry Schneider and i would suggest him for anyone who is serious about making money from cryptocurrency today. I have used a bunch but his system is the best i ever encountered and used for over 6 months already with accuracy so astounding. You can mail him if you need his assistance on any crypto related issues <harryschneiderrr@gmailcom>

Ky An says:

Do you have to put $$ in thinkorswim acct to get rid of the 20 min delay?

Louie Campbell says:

I think I might have to get another monitor so I can stack charts of like JNUG, JDST, /NG together to see an over all picture forming.

Umar Virk says:

Ricky realistically technical analysis Doesn't work if you look for more than a year, especially in commodities. Since their are many factors that come into play like production, war, recession and all that. That's when you look at fundamentals. I think I'm like the 5th person in the comments to mention this, I'm in awe at the growth of this channel from small beginnings teaching starters how to trade to explaining factors behind the most complicated trades. Even the people in the comments seem like they know about macroeconomic Event that affect these assets.

Billion Los says:

Can you talk about the business you invest in and add that to these kind’s of videos

Dylan Jones says:

Hey guys, you label your brand as good for anyone internationally but I haven't seen you say anything about brokerage companies for European Citizens. Please give some recommendations. I would love to buy your product but I'd want to use TD Ameritrade or Robinhood but they're only for US citizens

Gabriel Lyn says:

I never believed I will gain so much in trading thanks to Mrs Melinda flicks I earn more every week

James Francis says:

Ricky …. Your President has just teamed up with your countries top 6 Banks …… off course the spot gold price is about drop ….

Dracstar says:

Great video Ricky, thank you.

OG NT says:

Learn Plan Profit Welcome page is good. It's easy to understand, with good bullet points.

AD Fanai says:

what is forward/gc???? ?

Name Last says:

Bro im new and i can't understand anything help please

Mike Johnson says:

I Want To PERSONALLY Work With Everyday And Assist You Developing Your Unique Style Of Trading. Watch Me Trade Live, Real Time Trading ONLY FOUND HERE IN LPP!

I think you need to add the word "you" in there.

Dylan Schull says:

Your think or swim looks different ?? was there an update , it looks more modern than mine lol

Kyle V says:

End of the month is going to be really directional on gold. If people take the FED is being hawkish and dollar positive that's going to put a lot of pressure on gold to break current support. Bonds also would confirm it. I also trade iau and slv. Dxy and /zn should be on everyone's watch list that is trading either metal. There is a major correlation

D Mason says:

When trending gold pro traders factor in geo political macroeconomic variables.

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