Is It Game Over For Bitcoin?

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Is the recent drop in bitcoin “game over” for BTC? Or is there still some hope? We explain in the video.

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G L says:

Great content as usual!

Michael Franklin says:

A great video but I think it is the right time to trade.

Mr Bitcoin says:

you got the talent and the good information . Iam not expert at all about those charts . But i see many people who are experts on charts . They saying that btc it has to reach 5500 USD .. what do you think about this . Excuse my English and thank you for the good content

Milinda Weerasinghe says:

Remember the year 2020 is the bitcoin halfing. Big year

iPhone Email says:

All this stuff about weekend trading is complete bullshit. Monday in Japan is Sunday in the US.
Saturday in Japan is Friday in the US.
Bots/algos have no influence.

HeavenSevenWorld says:

Once on that channel, there was a video explaining dying off oscillations on a long-term downward trend. And no matter how much Fibonacci one will throw at Bitcoin's charts it looks like a solid prediction because Bitcoin is purely speculation-driven, and what we see is most likely bots playing for short-term gains on a way down.

Romel Nuqui says:

Free bitcoin:

røb ee says:

I think bitcoin will drop to $5 soon. It has no intrinsic value. Sell now before you lose everything.

Pedro González says:

Alessio, I know that this question have nothing to do with bitcoin, but you can do a video talking about the gold market! And who you see it. Plz.

kurt soenen says:

only silver and gold should be legal tender anything else just treason

kurt soenen says:

al according to the banksters plan

bobi duck says:

everything you said is wrong , plus you mention both case scenarios , wish make this useless , "if btc goes up thats good , and if he gies down thats bad } here is what is gonna happen ; Btc WILL go down till 5k ! and WiILL bounce back to 7,5 or maybe 8 . the end

Crypto Legend says:

This guy has not clue what he is talking about. Lol Its not a stock hahaha Stop trying to place traditional investment strategies on some you clearly don't understand. Bitcoin dominance will slowly fall to less than 5% or less in 5 years and no one will care. Most crypto traders hate the BTC dominance and we will destroy it.

Bise Boy says:

tomorrow back to 7200/7300 if we don't get ETF approval on Aug.10th…well you know what will happend. No totally crash ofc! but it will be painful…something between 5 and 6 k imo. But on the other side I think we will get the ETF's.

Foody Tube says:

its not at all game over for bitcoin, this is just the start, also other great altcoins like ALQO are just starting out!

size9guy says:

Lol bitcoin about to moon

Cr Ga says:

Btc will not get back over 7k. Red card.Alts will be half in a week.

P Bowry says:

It will never be game over for bitcoin, there are too many variables involved. There are too many investors who rely on the bitcoin market to keep the value of their alt coins value at a reasonable value. There are also traders who will keep the value at a reasonable level to allow them to manipulate the market. And because the last bitcoin hasn't been mined there will always be miners out there trying to mine that last bitcoin for profit so they will inherently keep the value high. Bitcoin doesn't have to have a super fast TPS rate as long as it keeps it's value high which is most important. The community for bitcoin is very vast so that will help in itself to keep bitcoin high. Just take a look at the currency​ market cap for bitcoin and you will notice it is not going anywhere.

Brady Bauer says:

Since this newest drop it all started when Coinbase announced ETC is releasing as soon as 8/7. THink we just have people gobbling up ETC as that price went up $2-3 already as everything else falls.

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